Friday, February 26, 2010

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

...and here on my blog, of course.

I've never been to Vegas before but I think I'll have a chance to visit in March. And how might this little jaunt happen?

AlaskaSam is going to golf school there for a week of his vacation and since my stupid Spring Break doesn't coincide with his week there and I can't stay the entire week, I think I might be going for a long weekend, if we can figure out my schedule, hotel, plane tickets, and all that travel stuff. YES! Maybe Maybe Maybe!

He asked me if I want to come and blow on his dice. Since we'd actually be in Vegas and he likes to mildly gamble (can someone mildly gamble?) I think he really wants me to blow on his dice; it's not a metaphor. I don't think.

Is this a bad idea? Yup, probably. Do I care? Not right now.

Vegas is going to be warm. It's usually hot there, right? I mean isn't Vegas so hot that even the mob left there? Just a place with no snow for 72 hours has LOTS of appeal.

Okay, a 72 hours with AlaskaSam isn't horrid. Nice hotel, he'll take me to do things and see things. We'll eat well and dance. We'll spend...time together. And for those of you who remember the last time I saw him four years ago and how it ended with me moving alone to the Wild West... well, this is different. I'm going into this with my eyes wide open, emotionally stronger, and all the other metaphors I can think of to make me know this is going to be fun, just plain old F*U*N, damn it!

Hey, it's Vegas- come'on, VEGAS, baby! If there is a place I need to experience in this life, it's gotta be Vegas. Elvis, gambling, glitz, glamor, sparkles and something loud and overdone and a city that never sleeps. Oh yeah!

I want to see all the cool hotels and the strip. It just sounds nice to get the hell outta Dodge for awhile. And it's AlaskaSam. I gotta go if it all works out. I just have to.

If it doesn't work out, then no harm, no foul.

Born to play in Sin City,

On another note...


Bragger said...

You go girl! No really ... GO, GIRL! I've only been to Vegas once, and I loved it. I wish I could have stayed more than three or four days. Of course, we love to gamble. It might not be super warm there, but it's GOTTA be better than being buried in snow. Have fun!

Anna said...

ok you MUST go! Sounds like fun and since I REALLY needs some fun too have it for me!! Blow on his "dice" for me too once or twice ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maggie for your kind words... I found your site from the topic "high heals"... I love but can no longer wear them (pout)... My daughter is just about moved in... and i am headed for a nap... and then dinner with friends tonight....thanks again.. I enjoy your blogs

Anonymous said...

hello....i saw your pink shoes on a comment you left on another blog and just had to click on over...
I read your profile and I too cry way too easily...and laugh too loudly....and there's nothing wrong with being a 'tad too dramatic!!!'

anyhow Maggie, it's nice to have met you, i'll poke around some more on your site,, come by and see me too anytime....

ciao bella

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower, btw!

see you soon!

Maggie said...

Bragger- I am TOTALLY going if it all works out. I'd love to see Vegas and... stuff!

Anna- oh hunny, you bet I will! ;)

TaDa- There are still adorable flats that accommodate no heel wearers! I hope you're feeling good!

carmelina- welcome! Thanks for commenting, visiting, and following!! I hope you do come back soon! Nice to meet ya, and I'll pop over soon!

Anonymous said...

Lovely...I wish I was Irish!
Happy Pink Saturday

Jimmie Earl said...

Blow on his dice? Is that what they call it now? HA! Go, have fun, just always keep your One True North!

Anonymous said...

You really can almost touch those soft yarns! Neat quilt! Love the socks. I used to have a variety of very interesting socks. Slowly but surely, they bit the dust. I did keep a few, just for grins. Thanks. Jenn <><

Maggie said...

Couture- on St. Paddys everyone is Irish- have some beer, wear some socks, get kissed by strangers... ! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

JE- No comment about your comment regarding the dice...!

Jenn- you should totally visit a Joann Fabrics to get some new "holiday" socks. Right now they have clearance Valentines, and on sale Easter and St. Pats! Time to stock up!

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Lisa said...

That quilt is awesome! Love the socks too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Maggie said...

hey Lisa- thanks back at you! glad you like the quilt!

Cathy said...

Hi Maggie,

What a fun post. The socks, the quilt, everything was fun and so precious.

Have a wonderful weekend.

xo Cathy

Maggie said...

Hi Cathy- thanks so much for your compliments and for visiting!