Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best dates

I've had some really good dates in my life time. I've also had some really REALLY (did I say REALLY?) bad dates but today is a day to focus on the positives.

One date with Sam was sort of cute. He was a college student of mine when I was teaching college- please do not confuse then and now. everyone was of legal age and it was allowed, and all that stuff. But I was actually tutoring him and we made plans to meet in an evening when we found out we lived about 4 blocks apart. My car was in the shop so he was going to pick me up. Well, it was a mis-communication because I thought we were making plans to tutor and he was asking me on a date. When he showed up at the appointed time I was in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and he was dressed up. That's when it dawned on me what was going. I told him I was sorry I was running late and would he mind waiting for me to change- I made up some lame excuse about a phone conference for work that ran long. He was only too glad to wait while I dashed around getting ready. Did I mention he was picking me up at my boyfriend's house for this "date"?? Thank goodness the BF (who I was on again-off again with and we were really on the verge of off, and I was picking up my stuff that night, actually) wasn't home at the time!

The date was so fun. He didn't have lots of money so he took me to Wendy's drive- thru, and then to this place in the country, near a state park. Then he spread a blanket on the hood of his car and we sat there and ate, and then we lay on the hood, watching the stars pop out and he named and pointed them all out. We had the windows down and the radio was playing. Then we went for a drive and talked for hours. Finally I took him to my house, having come clean about the tutor/ date confusion (he said he thought that's what happened and was using it to his advantage, the booger!) and about the sort of almost gone BF, to show him where I lived. We sat on my patio and drank wine and talked for hours. That was one of the best dates ever. And he and I went out several times after that, and after we broke up we still remained good friends, even to this day.

Another great date was when I was dating a Cowboy in the Wild West. He and I were together for about 6 months. On Valentine's Day we spent a weekend in a cabin, in the woods. That was amazing. He cooked steaks for dinner (OMG- that boy could cook like MAD!) and he made breakfast and it was sweet and romantic.

I had dated a guy for a little bit when I tore my Achilles heel and was in a leg brace/ walking brace thing. But the weekend it happened I was supposed to meet my then boyfriend's kids. So we postponed the meet, but he stopped by to bring me a gift: a slushie, some magazines, flowers, a card, chocolate and kisses to make me feel better. Then after he dropped them back off at their mother's he came back over to take care of me! He brought movies and wine on that trip and I got a massage. That was bliss.

Now the date where the Sam flew me to Milan, Italy for a surprise long weekend to eat Italian food was AMAZING of course. Why can't all dates be like that one?

I'm sure I've had other good dates but these are the ones that stand out in my head. Now logically speaking, I should be posting next about the really bad dates... but I'm sure blogger has a limit of how many characters one post can be. Trust me, I've had more bad dates than I feel are my fair share..... but that's for another day.



Cheryl said...

Sam the college student flew you to Milan?!!! Holy s---! Or was it another Sam? All these dates sound so unforgettably romantic, like something out of a movie. It's fun to be single. Sigh...

Maggie said...

Nope an entirely different Sam flew me to Milan- not the college student one. I just got in the habit of basically calling all my exs Sam since there are so many.....