Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where does the time go?

Last night my big plan was to lay on the couch and watch season 5 of House and catch up on emails. How do the best laid plans of mice and men flop like dead mice?

And I'm not really sure what it was that I did do instead.

I know I stayed after school tutoring my student, who is doing some awesome stuff, and then when I got home I ran some errands. Daddy-O and I decided we were hungry for Chinese food and thought we would take Mac to eat dinner when he got home from a school event but he didn't show until late, which made it a Subway night. Daddy-O went to church choir practice and for the love of all that is pink, I have no idea what I did.

I couldn't settle. I tried to answer emails but couldn't focus. I tried to read but I found I was re-reading the same page about 4 times. I tried to knit and I did about 4 rows and stopped. I just was bouncing from one thing to another, all the while just wanting to go to bed, but waiting for Mac to come home so I could feed him.

My big conclusion was that my BRAIN was tired. My body didn't feel all that sleepy but my brain sure was exhausted. I've had a lot going on at school this week and with the insurance and teeth stress, I think I just plum wore my head out.

Mac finally got home, we hit the Subway- which I didn't eat any of because I just didn't feel like it after I got there... too tired to chew? Then when we got home, I just took a hot shower, talked to Curley for about 45 minutes and collapsed into bed before 10pm.

I was still tired today. I probably have something weird wrong with me. And I just don't care. I just want to rest. There's not rest for the wicked, though.

Tonight I was tutoring my student (I'm gonna have to come up with a nickname for her soon) until 430pm. Then I had to work at the insurance office, went out for Chinese tonight and now here I am staring at all the emails I need to answer and stuff I should be doing and I just. want. to sleep.

Tomorrow, like an idiot, I volunteered to chaperon Friday Night School again, then I'm taking my student out for ice cream since she kicked butt on her Social Studies test. Mac is going to work out, then to a ball game so I won't even have my car.

Saturday is shot taking Mac to vocal contest. Well, that makes me sound like a crappy parent. What I really mean is that Mac is competing at a vocal contest on Saturday and I really do want to hear him sing and see how well he does. But it's about 90 minute drive one way, he has to be there about an hour before his event, then we have to wait until his score is posted, then we can drive 90 minutes back home. It's just a lot of running after a long week where I could've really utilized a relaxing weekend of doing nothing but being lazy.

But Saturday afternoon and evening, plus Sunday is mine to be a bum!

And right now, I'm off to bed even though it is only 8:17 pm.

Sleepy Maggie Mae

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Evil Pixie said...

I think it must be something going around because I'm suffering from a severe case of brain fatigue as well. I just want to live in my flannel polar bear pajamas and walk around the place with my skull-and-crossbones mug full of Simply Lemonade, then crawl back into bed - where my warm, soft sheets and chennile blanket wrap around me. I haven't the brain capacity to do anything else.