Friday, February 19, 2010

Field trip

The 8th graders are going on a field trip today and Kool gets to go since she has been in perfect behavior and is making super excellent grades this semester. She said it's the first time she's been allowed on a field trip since she started middle school. Rock on her!

Now the kids have to pack a lunch and I pulled her aside and just flat out asked her if anyone at her house would make sure she had a lunch and she said "prolly not." I asked if she could pack one herself and she hesitated before saying, "no." Then I asked if there would be food in the house for a lunch and she shook her head no. So I made a silly joke or two and told her I would LOVE to bring her lunch for the filed trip because I could take this opportunity to give her all sorts of healthy food like sprouts and veggies and tofu. She laughed and then I asked her what her fav soda is (this week it's Dr. Pepper) , her fav chips (this week Doritos original), and if she wanted grape or strawberry on her sandwich. So tomorrow she gets a nice lunch with Doritos, Dr Pepper, PB&Strawberry J, carrots, chocolate covered pretzels, applesauce, and some of those blue (her favorite color) bunny peeps. I also got her a pack of gum and some new pencils. Okay, I know, I know but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph SOMEONE needs to give this kid positive attention, SOMEONE needs to care about her- and if packing a lunch will do it for the day, then so help me, I'M gonna DO IT! And when we were joking around about it, I told her it was because she passed her spelling test today with a perfect 10/10 AND she had a great IEP case conference!!! She gets to actually GO on a field trip for the first time in years! Go Kool! Ha!

And further about tomorrow, while the entire 8th grade class is gone, all 140 of them, I'll be reassigned to other classes. Since I spend five periods a day in 8th grade classes, and they'll be gone for four of those 5 periods, I'll be spending two periods in 6th grade classes. I am nervous and not looking forward to that- those kids are pretty squirrelly; and there are 4 Autistic boys in one room. Should make for an interesting day. I also get to be in the library for a period (I have no freakin' clue why or what I'll be doing there), and one period I am TEACHING a basic skills math class. Yeah, you read that right: ME teaching basic skills MATH. Oh stop yer laughin', now, alrighty?

I'll be in my regular 7th grade reading class, and I'll be proctoring my study hall so it should prove to be an interesting day.

And could you all think positive thoughts for Kool today- that nothing happens that could cause her trouble (of her own making or otherwise?)? Please? Pray if you do, and all that stuff. I'm nervous for her and I won't be there to troubleshoot.... I'd just appreciate all your positive energy from about 8:30-2:30 EST directed at Ms. Kool in Civilization!

And I'll let you know it goes- for her AND for me!

Maggie Mae


Bragger said...

I think YOU are cool! That's an awesome thing to do for her. Such a relatively small gesture, but it may make her day. Month. Year. Life.

And 6th graders are Of. The. Devil. After a year of teaching 6th grade, I told my principal two things: That's the closest to Hell I ever want to come. And: I may have to go back to being a secretary. You will be in my thoughts today!

Maggie said...

Bragger- aw shucks... thanks.

And you are so so so right- 6th graders are Of. The. Devil. If I had to teach them all the time, I too would become a secretary. Not in a school. Not near children.

Shan said...

Ahhhh, I'm glad kids have caring teachers like you. We need more of you Morgan Freeman types that one could make a movie out of. Doesn't it just break your heart to see how much some kids have to fin for themselves? That's why we became foster parents and probably will be again soon. Children need to feel loved and safe! Oh, I'd better not get started monologuing. ;D

Hope her day went well. I'm just seeing this so I'll have to pray after the fact for young Kool.

Are sixth graders really hideous? My near perfect acting child is in that grade and he has actually managed to annoy me this year so maybe THAT'S why. He's still the easiest but he seems to question me more now and I don't care for that! He's at his first dance right now. Bless the little tweener.

(p.s. Yes, I'm baaaack! But I never realize when I'm gone. I have ADD I'm certain. Utterly distractible I am. Thanks for missing me!!)

Maggie said...

Shan- all went well for all!

Bless YOU for being foster parents. I have middle school age kid I call Kool I would love to send you to take under your wing. Please?!?

And monologue away, girlfriend!

And yes your child's odd behavior can be blamed 99% on grade 6, and the 1% on hormones. And first dances are CUTE! The middle school here is having one tonight, and while I'm not going, it's still cute.