Monday, February 15, 2010

What a bust!

Yesterday Hobby Lobby's email ad came out and they had two things Daddy-O wants: toys that go with his new Cricut machine, and an end table that looks like a stack of books.

Since the ad came out yesterday, and Hobby Lobbys are closed on Sundays so today is the first day of the sale. We drove all the way to Northern Civilization, about 45 minutes on way, and we went and guess what? There was not a damn Book table in the whole place, AND there were no Cricut machine accessories to be found either. It was a wasted trip.

Well... almost a wasted trip. Daddy-O and I had good conversation, we ate dinner at Cracker Barrel, I picked up the pottery XRay Girl and I painted a few weeks ago, and I bought Dunkin Donuts for tomorrow's breakfast so all is not lost.

Any trip that involves donuts is good.

We actually wondered if the weather threw off delivery or something since a bunch of the stuff in the ad wasn't in the store. Or if everyone and her sister was at Hobby Lobby this morning at the crack of dawn because they were jonesing for a book table and a Cricut cutting pad...

It was a Monday,


Curley said...

Did ya think ta ask a clerk where all the stuff was? Ah, I guess any trip to Hobby Lobby is a good trip. There is always the one in the southern hemisphere. Glad you had a good time.

Jimmie Earl said...

We actually did ask the stock guy about the table. He said there were some the last day he worked. He went and checked and came back and said there were none. He apologized for the Cricut stuff not being there, too. First time I have ever gone to Hobby Lobby and came out having spent nothing!!!
We did have a good time kibitzing and trying to solve the problems of the world. And a meal at Cracker Barrel is always worth the trip.
About the Hobby Lobby in the Southern hemisphere, I just don't like to go there as well as the other one. Their restroom is clear in the back!!! :)

Maggie said...

Curley- what he said.

JE- yeah, what you said!