Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vroom- vroom!

I've decided, right or wrong, that I'm going to buy a car and let Mac use it. Please note I said "use" not give.

My theory is this: if I get a reliable used car, pay 3 months of insurance on it, and then give him gas money, and he's only allowed to drive it for job searching, then maybe he'll get a job. And then he can take over the gas and insurance payments.

I told him this, and said I would do it for the months and if he didn't have a job at the end of three months, then I was taking the keys, cancelling the insurance and, basically, throwing him out of the house.

I even found a cool car: a red 4 door Pontiac Grand Prix- Mac's favorite car and in my price range. It was for sale for all over 24 hours and when he and I went for a test drive, it was sold. Mac and I were equally super bummed. I talked to the guy and he fixes up cars and is pretty popular around this area and he said when he got another car in my price range he'd give me a call. Mac's decided it will "never happen" and he just wants to give up.

What a butthead!

Still looking for a reliable vehicle,

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sam said...

Hi there,

I must say, you're a better person than me. You and your dad must have a lot of patience. I don't. One reason why I never wanted kids and wouldn't/won't date anybody with kids. Sam and I were talking and I mentioned that I have never regretted the decision not to have kids. He admitted he did want to have them. We talked about it one time and I almost changed my mind.

What did Mac say about the three month deadline? Does he think you're serious?