Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thinking inking

I think I want another tattoo and am giving serious thought to getting one.

My current tattoo is on my outer right ankle so the new tattoo has to be on the left side of my body, in the upper half of my body.

I also need to find a good spot that's not going to be stretch marked and that's also not visible in the work place. I really wanted to put it on the back of my neck but with my new short haircut, I don't think that's a good locale.

I honestly think I'm going to have it on my left shoulder, on my back.

And this is what I want:


I want a Celtic cross. And I want to add some purple color. I also just it to be about 3 to 4 inches. I haven't made the leap yet but am seriously thinking about it. Maybe before the end of the summer!



Curley said...

I'm sorry Mags, but my first thought was, "You have better things to spend your money on". My second thought was, "I really like the cross" just not sure about the purple. I think I would like the monochrome against your pale skin. Your shoulder blade sounds like a good spot.

Jimmie Earl said...

Are you nucking futs??? Those things hurt. Remember the pain and agony you suffered getting the other on when you are thinking about a new one. But, I like the designs.

Lilith said...

I've been itching to get some new ink as well!

And the area you picked won't hurt nearly as much as the one on your ankle!

I like the second design a lot!