Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slow down, ya move to fast

Sometimes God is talking. No I'm not crazy. And I don't mean with words. But sometimes I rush and rush and rush and never slow down and I think God decides to make a point and says "slow down". For example...

I was about 5 minutes late when I left the house for work the other day and I was in a hurry. Five minutes isn't a huge deal but I get a little anxious when I'm late. And in a bit of a hurry.

At the end of my street when I left the drive way, I needed to make a left turn but couldn't due to train traffic. I waited and waited and finally had to make a right and go a long block around, which led me into a construction zone. I had to stop and wait for the flagger.

Then I proceeded through downtown where I was stopped by every single light, which all turned red one car before me.

As I was waiting to make a right turn into the parking lot to get coffee (yes, I know I was late but I had to have coffee or it would be ugly) I was stopped. Apparently about 3 cars in front of me was a huge pick up truck pulling a trailer that was making a left and didn't get far enough over so no one could go around him on the right, thus blocking both the turn and go straight lanes.

I finally get in line with cup of coffee in hand and there is only one lady in front of me. Who is paying in pennies and slowly and methodically counting them out one at a time.

I then proceed over the bridge, get stopped by another light and have to sit through it twice because the car in front of me decides to make a left and there's an accident in the right lane and I can't go anywhere.

So go about 1 mile and get behind a school bus. Yes, a school bus, which stops 6 times before it turns and I have to stop behind it 6 times, too, of course. I finally can reach the speed limit, turn and go another mile. I'm less than 1 mile from work. I can see the school. I'm almost home free.... but NO! I'm headed east and a school bus is headed west. And stops to get kids so I have to stop.

I stop at a stop sign to turn onto our campus and I'm actually the 4th car at the 4 way stop so I have to wait my turn. I go about 100 yards and am behind yet another bus. Which stops to get the students who are staff members' kids.

And then I can pull into the school parking lot.

I got the point from God about the time I left from getting coffee. I slowed down. I decided late was late and there was nothing I could do about it. I just flipped on the radio and sang along. I rolled down the window. It was all good. I didn't NEED the other reminders to slow down. He really drove His point home. I was just about in hysterical laughter by the time I got to work.

I reminded myself all day to just slow down and take all that is dealt to me just one step at a time. Doesn't mean I won't be hurrying other times but this was certainly a loud, huge HINT!

Slow down,

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Curley said...

So all of your friends and family telling you for the last year or so that you need to slow down and not stress didn't sink in but getting stuck in traffic did? That is hilarious. Very funny story.