Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random thoughts on a hot Sunday

I've done 9.5 loads of laundry. Please refer to me as Queen of the Landry. And I thank the wonderful clothesline because I couldn't have done it without it.

I love love love the Almond Berry Chicken salad at Wendy's- minus the almonds. Super yummy!

One great thing about all the heat we're having is that I don't feel like eating which makes dieting easier. Too hot to eat is real. Ugh.

I love my new haircut!!!! I'm going to have to get it trimmed in a week though, to stay on top of making sure it doesn't grow out weird. My hair has already grown in two weeks. I love my super short do!!!!

I'm not super happy with my new glasses, however. I've been 3 times to get the ear pieces adjusted and it still hurts and rubs. Grrrr! I'll keep going back and trying to get it right because I love the frames. And I really love being able to see!

I'm still obsessed with games on my Android. I now play Draw Something, Scramble with Friends, and Words with friends. If any of you want to play with me, drop me a comment or an email!!!! I suck at drawsomething but I sure do like it!

If you want to read a funny Maggie cooking disaster, go here!

Mac has lost more than 100 pounds in about a year and I am so proud of him. And jealous.

I'm reading The Submission- excellent book! I'd like to stay home from work tomorrow and keep on reading--- but I won't. I have some dedication to the library.

And speaking of library, we're getting a shipment of new books in tomorrow- about 50 and I just adore new books!!!!!!


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Lilith said...

I'm curious how the salad tastes. The thought of combining the berries with the lettuce and chicken always seems odd to me every time I see the commercial.