Friday, June 8, 2012


I'm addicted to games on my phone. I play "Words with Friends" (a form of Scrabble) and "draw Something". I play all the time.

I also Tweet. A lot.

I track my bank balance on my phone, as well as my weight loss and my calorie intake. And my period.

And I keep track of my Starbucks account on my phone.

I check movie times and locations daily.

I have my phone at church because I have a Bible app.

I listen to music, too, so my phone is an ipod of sorts. I check my mail on 3 accounts here. I have my address book on my phone.

Oh yeah, I also text and call people.

Is there a group for me?

"Hi! I'm Maggie and I'm an Android user."


Evil Pixie said...

My workshop co-presenter is addicted to "Words with Friends." She usually has about 10-15 games going at once. The only problem is whenever I'm around, she hands me the phone and wants me to play her tiles - even when we're in the middle of a workshop. Go figure!

Bragger said...

Please teach me to be a better Twitterererererererer. Thank you.