Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Game playin' pet peeve

I play Scrabble. I'm an English teacher/ bibliophile/ librarian/ lover of words (logophile). This maybe doesn't make me the "right" sort of Scrabble player. I don't have a cut throat instinct to win. In anything, really. I like winning arguments and games, like anyone else, but winning isn't everything to me, especially in Scrabble.

I love to make awesome words. I like to make big words. I like creative words. I like to make the $20 words when I can. I like an opponent who can make awesome words, big words, creative words, the $20 words, too. I'm happy to lose at Scrabble if a person I play with is making awesome words. I don't care if I get my ass kicked in the word play world if someone figures out how to use all their letters, for example. I'm impressed when I have a fellow wordsmith as a Scrabble buddy.

I don't got after the triple word spots or double letter spots just for the points. Oh, if I can make a terrific word on a spot that garners me some massive points, I will do that, but if I can make a 16 point words that's awesome and uses lots of letters verses a 3 letter word that will get me 30 points, I usually go for the awesome words. I also like to make big words to use lots of my letters and to try and open lots of spots to play. I try to never take 3 or 4 good places to play and ruin it with a stupid, low point 3 letter word that closes those up to other play. Have I ever played in a spot that screws up the board for other words? Oh yeah. Have I made crappy, low point, short words? Oh yeah. But if I'm doing that, it's usually because I have crappy letters and am backed into a spelling corner, thus creating the Scrabble players nightmare. I've even been known to toss my crummy letters back and draw new ones and forfeit my turn in the process rather than just play crap.

And frankly, I like to play with people who play like me. I realize that's pretty unrealistic but it's a nice thought.

Also, I just want to add that I often win Scrabble when I play this way. It sounds like I would probably lose often, but surprisingly, no I don't. I win. A lot.

I hate playing Scrabble with people who do nothing but want to win and will win at any cost. I hate that player who plays "one" just because it's a triple word. Ooooooooooo 9 whole points! wow, that's 'greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat' (yes note the sarcasm her)e, when their letters and the board would let them play, say, for example, opponent, but it wasn't on that triple.

Mac plays for points. I won't play with him anymore. I should say he plays for points while simultaneously taunting me for screwing up the "good" spots on the board. This irks me.

I've been playing "words with friends" online. This is a game that available thru Facebook as well as Android and iPhone as an app. (I play Android, not Facebook). It's basically Scrabble 9I'm guessing there was a copyright issue with calling it by Scrabble). I play with random strangers, fellow Twitterers, and real people I know. So far I've been finding it fun and awesome (except when it updated itself the other day, I've lost the ability to chat. The chat feature no longer works. If people send me a chat, I can't see them. No idea why.)

One random stranger, though, has been now "declined" from my 'words with friends' play. I've played about 7 games with this person and they beat me every time. I don't care that I was beat every time. What I hate is how s/he plays, using every high spot spot and making crummy little words and tying up good spots to play. Or by sticking an "s" on the end of a word. Or an "ed" and not making any other word from it, just adding the letter. I can forgive that once or twice but this person has done it consistently, every single game we've played. And s/he consistently looks for high point spots with small words that don't really garner lots of points. Yes, this person has beat me, but usually by very few points. So I decline to play with him/her. This player keeps sending me game requests and I keep declining.

So if you want to play with me, I just wanted you to know what you're dealing with. Some say OCD, some say picky and this my even earn me an eye roll but hey, it's how I spell.


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Mellodee said...

I, too, am a words person and I love Scrabble. I taught both my daughter and my granddaughter how to play and now I have "worthy" opponents who play the same way I do! What amazes (and frustrates) me is when playing with someone who doesn't even try to find awesome words! Anyone (over the age of 9) who consistently settles for "cat", without shuffling their letters around to see what else they could find, makes me crazy!

It is almost instantly obvious, however, when one is playing against another wordsmith and when one is NOT!

Give me a wordsmith every time!!