Monday, June 11, 2012

Diet Week 6

No I still haven't stepped on the scale. I just don't want to know. I do know this... I am losing weight. The new pants I bought 6 weeks ago are fitting much much looser, even baggy in some spots. The dress I bought the same day is a little big and I don't need to even wear Spanx with it. My face looks thinner. My bras are too big. My waist is VISIBLY thinner. I've always had a thin waist and it is smaller- lots. I just don't want to see what the scale says. I feel like I lost more than what I have, I think.

Yesterday I put on a pair of pants that zip and snap and also have a draw string. I didn't have to unzip nor unsnap them to get them on and off AND I couldn't cinch the drawstring tight enough to keep them on. The crotch was almost to my knees. These are HUGE! I'm keeping these pants forever. I never want to be that size again. When I think I might cheat or go off my diet, I'm going to put them on. These will be a symbol of me getting thin.

And in honor of the weight coming off, tomorrow I'm getting new glasses, and a hair cut and color. yeah... make over time. Like I told Daddy-O, a make over is cheaper than moving to a new locale- it's good change.

New look for me!

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Curley said...

Can't wait to see you new you.