Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weird dream Tuesday

Before I tell you the dream, you need some back ground information here.

I work with a super nice couple at school, R and T. They have a 6 year old son, their only child. They live away from campus but have worked for this company in several capacities for about 20 years. I just love them both!

We have two young guys, in their mid 20s- that I like to call the Goon Squad. They work second shift and take care of all the issues on campus that happen during typical second shift hours. K is married with 3 kids and his dad-in-law is VP of our company. I guess he's a cutie but I've never thought about him like that before. The other guy, D, is a hottie and he's a flirt, even though he's married. I might have had a sinful thought or 2 about D but never acted on it!!!! D is the boss of the Goon Squad so while I have some interaction with K, it is very limited and I have more interaction with D, through all of the jobs I hold on campus. D doesn't smoke.

Back in the 80's we had a department store in our town that has long since gone out of business, but it was mostly a store that catered to women and children's clothing, and a little bit of men's clothes. That store chain finally went bankrupt so it doesn't even exist, and has been gone from our town for almost 20 years.

Now for the dream:

I'm babysitting for R and T's 3 year old daughter. (Refer to facts above- they don't even have a daughter!). In my dream their daughter is my niece. I'm at their house, (but in my dream they live in a campus house that belongs to the H's) and I'm watching their daughter. I walk by the den and R is assembling something red- I can't see what he's putting together. But he's putting together something red and he accidentally kicks over a glass of water. I see him do it but I don't offer to clean it up; I just go to the kitchen. Their daughter comes in and I give her a glass of water and she runs away with it. I go after her, armed with paper towel because I know she spilled it in the living room.

I get in the living room and she did spill it. I was cleaning it up when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and it was The Goon Squad. I invite them in and we all sit down. K gives me a present, in a red gift bag, and I open it and say thanks and hug him. Then he gives me two greeting cards and they are 1x1 inch each and I open and read them and am VERY excited. I go to thank him for the cards and when I look up from reading them,. the house is full of people. It's a huge party.

The party isn't FOR me but I'm just there and music is playing and everyone is having fun and eating and drinking out of red cups. I find K and give him a hug and thank him for the cards. As I hug him, he whispers in my ear "I know you'll love living at the lake. I love living at the lake." At that point I think it might be Valentine's Day- maybe because the color red has come up three times?

And as the party goes on I think I need to speak to D. I MUST speak to D. I go out a door (in reality, the door in the kitchen I went out of is really a window but in my dream it's a door) and when I close it behind me, I'm standing in the Department Store.

D is standing in the middle of the women's clothing with his arms full of women's clothes. And he's smoking a cigarette. I say, "You can't smoke in here! Everything is going to stink!" He says, "Don't worry about it. I have a hand held water filtration system" and he holds up a small water container with tubes and stuff. I shrug and he walks away toward the women's changing rooms.

I ask D "where are you going? You gonna try all that on?"

D says wickedly, "No I just want to lay it all out and look at it" and he walks into a dressing room and slams the door and giggling.

I woke up.

Moral of the story? Do not eat chili for dinner, before going to bed.

Hoping I sleep better tonight,


Bragger said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has weird dreams. Don't you wonder how all those particular details came together in your brain at one time?

Curley said...

Ok, that is just way too strange.

Mellodee said...

Yep, stay far away from the chili!! It's really weird where our dreams take us!