Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knifty Knitting

Today was a good activity day at school. We had our first Art and Lecture series speaker of the 2011-2012 school year- Curley!!!

She talked to the kids about knitting, crocheting and other types of yarn work. She showed them examples and THEN she demonstrated how to knit on a loom. All of the kids in attendance had a chance to make a sock hat or a scarf. Here are looms:

We had 2 kids make scarves and 6 make hats; thanks to my cousin R, Daddy-O and Curley for all their extra yarn and spare looms so there was enough to go around! Of course they didn't have time to finish their projects today so they can come in and work after school every day until their all done. I'm going to take pictures and will show their work when everyone is finished, next week of course!

It was a really nice group of kids; I couldn't have hand picked a better bunch. AND we had 2 girls and all the rest were boys! For knitting! How cool is that?

Now they all want to make blankets. And two boys asked me if Curley would please come back and teach them how to crochet an afghan.

She was a huge hit (they all thought she was my mom!) and want her to help with art club!

I try and hold a luncheon each month and have a speaker come in and talk to the kids while they eat and then the speaker lets the kids do something "artsy". Last school year we had jewelry making, cake decorating and card making. I plan on expanding this year- we have a potter coming in, and a professional artist who will teach something with watercolor (I have a visual image of something like this happening:)

Should be a fun year! I like it when a plan comes together! Who knows what next month will bring!?



Curley said...

YOUR MOTHER!?! OMG! I think I need a face-lift. Let's see, I would have to have been 14 to be your mother. Well, in their world that probably wouldn't be to unusual.

Maggie said...

Curley- before you go and schedule a face lift, hang on!!!! LOL! The fact we hugged and said "love you" before you left was one thing that made them ask. Another is that they think I'm 25. Not kidding. :)