Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Musings. For today.

If you want to drop by my house and choke or drop dead, that's okay. I'm officially re-certified, officially, in CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. I'm also certified in First Aid but let me tell you, that's not my strong point. I'd be good at keeping you calm and calling EMS. If you're bleeding or worse, I'm not really successful. Blood makes me faint. I'm more useful if I know my limits than if I become a victim, too. So, come on over!

TGIT- Thank God It's Thursday. Since we have a 4 day school week, this is my Friday. And I am so ready for it; it's been a really long week. Though, I wonder, psychologically about this. Since I know it was the end of the week, could I have persevered on to one more day or would today have been my limit and I would've had to take a mental health day tomorrow if we were a 5 day week? Who knows? Who cares? What matters here is that I get a FOUR day, paid weekend. Booyah!

Since I work at a primarily Christian institution, the idea of Thirsty Thursdays don't work with colleagues. Or at least not how I'm used to organizing it... damn.

I'm totally excited that season 4 of Mad Men is now on Netflix! Booyah!

I don't usually watch much television but I'm excited about the start of the new fall season: House, Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, and Mike & Molly. None of these are new shows but I like them all the same. And from the few trailers I've seen of new shows... well, I'm not impressed nor excited about new stuff.

I'm totally excited about the NEW magazines I ordered for the school library. I tried to diversify and not take my own personal needs into account. We're getting Game Informer, Entertainment Weekly, Taste of Home, Wired, Teen Vogue, In Style, Newsweek, Popular Science, and Cicada! These are gonna be awesome. I guess the library has had the same old mags for about 4 years so I'm mixing it up a little bit!

Sometimes nothing beats a McDonald's Sweet Tea. However, I was thinking that orange juice, pineapple juice, frozen peaches, peach schnapps, and Malibu Rum, all blended together and poured into a cold glass with a sugared rim! That might beat a Sweet Tea!

Mac is coming home for the long holiday weekend. Only, he has classes on Monday so for him it's not long. But he's coming home anyway. And I'm glad. I think. Remind me I said that later, if necessary.

And finally, I don't have to work at all the next four days. Except laundry.

Maggie O

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