Thursday, September 22, 2011


As you all know I've been missing X-Ray Girl like crazy since the horrid fight back in June. Brief refresher, ITSam and I got into a fight, he brought her into it and threatened to call the cops on her and she ended our friendship, and hasn't talked to me since then. I've called and left messages, sent USPS letters, texted... I was sort of a stalker for awhile and then I just knew she was done since she never responded. I walked away but I've hurt over this for a long time.

In addition to missing her, I've just been ... lost for awhile. I've even prayed about it. Like prayed to God.

Here's a story...
As you all know I hate Wal-Mart. I went there tonight to get my Daddy-O ice cream. ITSam and I just decided, spur of the moment, to buy him some as a surprise. There was no other reason to go other than I got a whim to get him some, just because he's my dad and I love him.

It was cold and raining and iTSam dropped me at the doors and went to park. I walked in with my head down, just no even paying attention and I get just inside the second set of doors and there she was.

We made eye contact, she held her arms open and said "I am so sorry." We just came together in the Wal-Mart lobby and stood there hugging and crying and saying we were so sorry. We hugged and cried some more and made plans to get together, and hugged and said sorry some more, and cried more and hugged and said how much we missed each other. Yes, we made a spectacle of ourselves right there in Wally World.

I think she and are I going to be alright again. We made tentative plans for Sunday evening (depending on her kids' schedules with their dad).

And, as I left Wal-Mart and drove away, it stopped raining. And right in front of me was a huge rainbow.

Do I need to state the obvious here?



Curley said...

Prayers are answered. I am so glad for you. I know that you have been so heart-broken over all this. Now maybe she can join the whole big group for the craft show and chili day downtown. Yeah!

sam said...

Hi Maggie,

Glad you two kissed and made up. I'm a bit miffed at a friend that I have known for over 40 years. Apparently I am a brat who will take my marbles and go home if I don't get my way. And I am condecending. Grrr.