Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm a calendar girl

Do you know what I spent about 90 minutes of my life doing tonight? Yes, 90 minutes that I'll never get back, but I feel so much more organized because I did? I am so anal retentive... I can't believe I'm about to tell this...

I received a flier in the mail for a local theatre that hosts traveling professional performances: Broadway shows, concerts, orchestras, philharmonics, comedians, ballets, etc. Prices are sometimes reasonable, say $35 to see a Broadway cast doing My Fair Lady; this is the mid range seats, in the middle of the theatre. Not bad, I think. Some are more than others, some less.

Tonight I took the flier and marked all the shows I wanted to see. Then I went to the theater's web site and looked up the prices. Then I went into my calendar and put the shows in- dates, times, etc. Then I went to the pay days proceeding each event and put a note in that I should buy tickets for these shows. And on the tickets that were around $50, I made notes to buy them 2 pay days before each performance.

Maybe not anal retentive, but just very well organized?

I love the calendar feature in my phone. I use it to ding my "to do" list at me, and if I didn't get something done, then I can change the date and move it to somewhere else. I have stuff from a grocery list to appointments, to notes to remind me to do stuff. I sync is with my computer at work and I use the "share" calendar feature with my friends and to myself, so I can have stuff in my hotmail if I need it. It has bells to ping me, AND I can color code stuff- appointments are one color, work is one color, school stuff is one, Mac related stuff, to do lists, fun things.... all these have their own colors. Yes, I am lame.

I use that feature more than talking or texting or reading my email. Yes, my phone is really just a very expensive date book. And a place for me to play Bejeweled. Gawd, I'm pathetic!

Organizingly yours,


Curley said...

I think you might be right. I also think that on occasion you even use it for purpose that it was orginally intended: to make phone calls.

Mellodee said...

Just a there danger of tickets selling out if you wait until close to performance date to buy them?? I have missed some things I wanted to see or do because I waited to buy tickets and they were sold out!

Jimmie Earl said...

Since you aren't a country music fan, I don't think you would have to worry about tickets selling out. Those performances seem to be the only ones that are sell outs. Our community doesn't sell out to ballets, concerts, Broadway shows, or opera.
Remember the time we went to see Mme. Butterfly. Only half of the seats were full. What a wonderful time. And half of the cultural community missed it!