Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week from Hell, and it's only Tuesday

1- Some kid lost her library book. I've been patient and have renewed it twice, giving her time to see if she can find it. Today she came in the library and I never said a word about it. Then she confronted me, in a confrontational tone, and asked me what I was going to do about her lost book. I asked her what she meant and she launched into "angry, loud, obnoxious, teenage girl" tone, ranting that SHE wasn't paying for it, SHE was calling her daddy and telling him to not pay a damn dime and on and on. When she seem to run out of steam, I nicely asked her if she would just check in her dorm again and SHE told me to do my job since I was the librarian. Oh yes she did. And oh yes I did give her the maximum allotted punishment for being disrespectful and for swearing.

2- We have a reading program that I've written about before. The company has updated said program and it's now web hosted. We paid the astronomical fees and updated and upgraded. We've encountered one issue after another with it and it's been an ongoing debacle since last February. Yesterday, during the last step of the upgrade process, all of the data was lost. I want to point out that I told our outside computer people who were doing this (not ITSam thankfully) that I hadn't hard copied the data and they told me I didn't need to worry about it since they were just copying. And now, somehow, in the magical world of technology, it's gone. All gone, every single piece of student data- test scores, books lists, point earned, tests taken.... gone gone gone. I finally sent an email to our principal and said I am done with working on this project and I don't care what they do with it. I've not yet heard a response.

3- Our principal resigned. He is the best boss I've ever had and now he has the opportunity to grow another, normal public high school, and his last day with us is on Thursday. I'll miss him.

And it's just Tuesday afternoon...



Jimmie Earl said...

Fortunately, Tuesday's school day is about over, that leaves only Wed. and Thursday cause ya get Friday's off. Hoot Hoot!!
I bet ITSam is giving a sign of relief that the loss wasn't his dept's fault.
And maybe the new principal won't be so bad. Maybe J C in Montana wasn't so bad after all. LOL! or not!!! Maybe updating that resume isn't such a bad idea. It might just be time.
Didn't you feel like bitch-slapping that student? GO YOU for not giving in to your inner desire!

Lilith said...

So because you're the librarian, it's your job to know where this girl left the book? WTF! What ever happened to taking responsibility for someone's property that you borrowed?

Curley said...

I'm sory that you are having a hard day/week. You did the right thing with the girl. Kept your cook and gave her the punishment she deserved. After all you didn't loose the book. On the other had you didn't have to go to the DMV to buy replacement registration/plates for all your cars because husband lost them.

Bragger said...

With the week(s) I've had and the week you've had, we should really get together and drink. Even if it's only virtually!

Kudos for staying calm with the beeyotch. You're a better person than I am.

Any chance you could go WITH the principal to the new, normal school?