Thursday, September 8, 2011

New bulletin board

Here's the new bulletin board I've made for our school library. I know it's for high school students but they still need some color and some fun!

And for every kid who passes an AR Test this month, they get a mini "bit-o-honey" candy!

Book lovin' nerd,


Mellodee said...

Very cute! I always like seeing colorful bulletin boards at schools and libraries and such. There is a grocery store near mme that has their Office area all decked out in happy, fun bulletin boards for all of their employee signs (sign-ins, OSHA, incentive-stuff, etc.) The displays change several times a year. It looks like a happy place to work!!

So I love those creative efforts to grab attention for important information....and I'm waaaay beyond being a teenager!! :)

Shan said...

Looking good. I'd read several things for a bite of a Bit-o-honey. :) The other day I got all caught up on your posts and OY VEY is what cames to mind...again. Has Mac settled down and into his new digs? I hope you both can hang on until he figures out NOT to burn his mommy bridge too soon. Thanks for the note! It was exciting hearing from busy busy little you. Do pace yourself though. You don't have to solve all problems in a day. :)