Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Divine Ms K is da-voon on...

... her third birthday!!! Today she's 3, and it seems like time's flown. Instead of thinking of Mac's evil ways, this is a much better way to think of today, full of little girl happiness, butterfiles, rainbows, and sunshine!

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

hugs and kisses from your
Auntie Mags


booknut said...

Can't believe my beautiful baby girl is 3! Time goes so fast!!

sam said...

Hi Maggie,

What a pretty girl! It is hard to believe that she is three!


Curley said...

Happy Birthday Miss K. She is such a cutie.

Maggie said...

booknut- I know! remember when I moved back and she wasn't even walking!!!

sam/ P- isn't she just a charm? my bro and sisilaw make beautiful babies! My nephew is a cutie-patootie, too!!!

Curly- isn't she tho?