Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm too lame to even title this post

I should be blogging. I want to blog. I need to blog. But I have nothing to blog about.

Well, I might have stuff but it's depressing and sad, and... well, who wants to read crap like that?

And I hate it when I resort to memes or even just a "here's what I did today" post and right now, that's about all I have. I don't really have any funny or quirky moments. I don't really go anywhere or do anything. I don't hang out with anyone but ITSam or Daddy-O. Mac went to college so I don't even have any funny Mac moments. Work is just the norm.


In the evenings, I'm so tired/ depressed/ bored/ whatever, that I just don't do anything. I cook- sometimes- and watch TV or movies and sometimes I read. I don't even feel like doing crafts or hobbies. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I've lost my muse. I can't seem to summon my mojo. Maybe my Muse ran away with Mojo?

I can say I watched the Emmy's last night and they were boring. I'm excited about Monday night TV line up, including the new Two and a Half Men. I'm also excited that Daddy-O now has DVR and if I miss something, we can "DVR" it (I don't understand how this works or what it is but it's sort of like a VCR concept, I guess. What it means to me that if I miss Glee, I can watch it later!)

Yeah, I'm a never ending ball of excitement.

Lame, lame, lame,


Jimmie Earl said...

Milady, you need to get out more. You sound a lot like me. My life is boring, but I opt for it to be that way. Doing stuff takes too much effort and my heart is not in it. I just wanna stay home.
But in your case, get out, go walk in the park, visit at the coffee shop, go see the latest exhibit at the gallery, peruse the library and used book store. And the Antique Mall is always good for an hour or so. There's some free stuff to do here.
It can be pretty a boring life , especially if all you're doing is working and sitting in front of the TV. And you know, Mac may be right about ITSam. Maybe that situation needs a harder look. Just sayin'! Touch base with old friends in other places, too. You might be surprised what that may bring. Just suggestions to hopefully make you feel better.
Now I will be quiet!
Dad aka JE

Curley said...

Don't forget we have the chili thing coming up pretty soon. And the craft thing the same day. Mom and sister also want to go so that should give you something funny to write about. I should take you to the bridal shower that I am going to, given by the bridesmaid, who is the brides brother. Should be interesting.

booknut said...

I feel that way a lot in the evenings, too. Just remember that you are always welcome over here. For a visit, just to chat, to play games, do crafts, watch movies, whatever! Even if you just want a change of scenery or to be entertained by your niece and nephew!!!