Thursday, March 10, 2011

Worthless Layabout that I am

I feel almost sinful for what I did last night. The only thing that would've made it better is if someone would've let me eat an entire pan of gooey brownies.

I got home from work/ school at 4pm. I put on my jammies and sat on my butt on the couch. Daddy-O and Mac fixed an early supper, which I ate. And I didn't even offer to help clean up and I didn't feel guilty about it either (though I did fill the dishwasher before Daddy-O cooked...)

I went back to the couch and finished Mac's FAFSA. Then I watched movies and read email and played Boggle on my phone.

ITSam came over and we watched a movie and then he left and I went to bed.

I was a complete bum who put on pj's at 4pm. And I really don't care.

I feel like I've been going 3000 miles an hour for the last month. I've physically felt like poop, completely wiped out. I've done two jobs the last 4 days and then had my big program for the Mardi Gras party. Add all the personal stuff like FAFSA, broken cars, Princess, money, taxes and just life, it's been a VERY STRESSFUL time. I told Daddy-O it was a good thing I lived with him (and respected him enough to not drink like a fish in his h0use) or I would've become an alcoholic in the last several months due to stress.

Last night's veg out session was awesome and I plan on doing a few more of those in the upcoming weeks.



Curley said...

And just who put all those extra things on your plate? Now you know why I told you to learn the word NO! Glad you were able to just treat yourself. Now, go forth and do it more often.

Shan said...

Sounds like a plan for a girl with a lot of 'em. Add those types of days into the schedule and you'll thank yourself for it. :)