Friday, March 4, 2011

I. hate. mechanics.

Last Friday my car wouldn't start. All my amateur mechanic friends worked on it to no avail so it went to the shop on Monday. I got a ride from Daddy-O on Friday and Saturday to my second job. A friend at work dropped me at home. Sunday I used his car to grocery shop. Mac used it for church. I hitched a ride to and from work with a relative of ITSam. Same Tuesday morning and afternoon.

Tuesday night around 5:30pm it was ready for pick up.

Wednesday morning it wouldn't start. Daddy-O let me take his car to work. ITSam got it started and thought he figured the problem. Wednesday night Princess and I were running around and it wouldn't start. I jiggled and wiggled stuff until it started.

Thursday morning it wouldn't start. It went back to the shop.

The owner of the shop called me today at work and told me the "new" problem. He also said, and I quote, "We'll have it done tonight if I have to stay here until 10 o'clock tonight and work on it myself."

At 5:45pm ITSam talked to them and they were still working on it. The guy on the phone said he would park it outside with the keys in it when they were done.

At 7pm it was not parked outside with the keys in it and there was not one single soul at that garage.

Because I was hoping they were on dinner break or went to get a part, I went back there about 10 minutes ago. It is STILL not parked outside.

It's been 8 days. Eight damn days, people!!!!!!! God created Earth in 7 and these asshats can't fix a flippin' ignition switch on a 10 year old Chevy in 8??????

Lying bastards.

I'm done being nice.

Tomorrow is Carmageddon.


Curley said...

Are they open on Sat? I sure hope they aren't charging you for this second trip?

Maggie said...

Oh there's a charge but at a greatly reduced price.

Evil Pixie said...

Been there... experienced that. It completely sucks. That's why I learned how to do a lot of things myself. Unfortunately, though, the things I cannot do myself are the more expensive things.