Friday, March 18, 2011

How I made my picks

So yesterday started the official "March Madness"- the NCAA tournament kicked off. For those of you who are not in the know, NCAA basketball tournament is when all the college basketball teams begin their play-offs. This is, apparently, a very big deal.

I was given a page with all the teams on it, and brackets, so I could pick winners. It was free to do here at work, and there are prizes. Our athletic director is taking care of it for us.

Now, a basketball is the orange one, with the black stripes, right?

Now, I guess there's probably a logical way to make picks for the winners, right?

Here's how I picked some of the one's I did:
  • Ohio and Butler because I gotta stay loyal to my Midwest roots.
  • Villanova and Gonzaga because they're fun to say
  • Kentucky because I have family there and my bio- grandfather was a huge Kentucky fan. The only gift I ever remember him giving me was a Kentucky shirt. And a lady at work that I really like is rooting for them, too.
  • Xavier because it starts with X and there are so few words in the world that start with X
  • N. Carolina because the Tar Heels is such a cool nickname!
  • Georgia because Bragger lives there
  • Duke because I heard that last year they won a bunch of games
  • Tennessee because Elvis is buried there
  • San Diego because I've always wanted to visit that city
  • UNLV, BYU and UCLA because they have cool acronyms
  • Morehead because I have family there
  • Georgetown because I wanted to attend there
  • Purdue because I don't like IU
  • Texas A & M because they go by letters with an ampersand
  • Notre Dame because they have, in football, a touchdown Jesus. And because my Uncle loves Notre Dame.
  • Pittsburgh because I went there once, for 22 hours
  • Florida because I want to be there NOW
I have UCLA wining it all because I like the acronym.

There were some struggles for me. I avoided Michigan because when I was in high school Chris Weber played for them and threw a crappy shot at the buzzer and I've never forgotten it. It was Richmond -vs- Vanderbelt and I wasn't sure. I had a pair of Gloria Vanderbelt jeans when I was a kid. I also love Gone With the Wind, hence the Richmond tie in. I went with Richmond because Grandma Shrew gave me the jeans.

I had to pick a total points scored in the championship game in case there was a tie breaker. I picked the number 139. The AD said that was a good choice.

It will be interesting to see how well I do!

Mad about March,


Curley said...

Sounds like a pretty good system for picking to me. Kind of like picking lottery numbers. Good luck, I hope you win.

Bragger said...

Thank you for picking my Bulldogs! That means at least two of us will be pulling for them. I probably won't get to watch the game tonight, since it comes on at 9:45, and I have a 3-hour drive to Birmingham with Katydid tomorrow. Pull for the Gym Dogs too....we need all the mojo we can get! Happy weekend!

sam said...

Hi Maggie,

I know, I know...I owe you a long email full of pats on the back, congratulations and arrary of other things.

But....Florida LAST on your list to win?? Sniff.

If you want to be here NOW I am off for six days!!

Thinking about you lots, love....p