Monday, March 14, 2011

I had to explain... the campus pastor why I compared King Herod to Al Capone.

See I was explaining why King Herod wanted to kill the baby Jesus and why the Wise Men were 12 days late getting to the manger, and it had nothing to do with the North Star being a crappy GPS.

Okay, so ya see, I told students King Herod was a bad gangster guy like Al Capone, and that he wanted to kill the baby. He sent his goons after the baby but the goons weren't very smart so they followed the Wise Men. The Wise Men were called "Wise Men" for a reason and they knew the goons were behind them so they went in circles for 12 days to shake 'em off their tail so they could see the baby Jesus and not be the ones who led the hit squad straight to him; that would be a real blemish on their records and I think they could no longer be called Wise.

And this is why we have Epiphany.

Made total sense to me, and the students, at the time...

Maybe I should I write a new version of the Bible? Or maybe not...


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Mellodee said...

It sort of reminds me of the "new math". You know it works, but darned if we can figure out why it's better than the "old math"! (Or something like that!) :)