Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not a morning person today

I am not a morning person. Daddy-O could share horror stories about my teen years, getting ready for school in the morning. Hopefully he won't. As I've gotten older I've tried really hard to adjust to mornings. I'm certainly NOT a morning person but now I try to move about my early AM routine in silence and leave everyone else alone as much as possible. I give myself a mental pick me up on the way to work. I guzzle coffee. And just as an adult, I tend to be a bit more mature most mornings and realize "this is life. Deal with it. Get you ass moving, Mags." That being said...

Is the body programmed to know when it's a weekend?

Usually weekends I sleep as long as I can and then drink coffee while sitting on the couch in my jammies for a good 2 hours. I blog or surf the web, read emails. I might watch a movie or read, but on weekends I am slow and leisurely as I start my days.

Today was an exception to the weekend rule. I actually opened the front office today as part of my weekend receptionist job. I had to have the doors unlocked, and phones and lights on by 8am. I got here at 7:53am. This is about the same time I roll into work at the library every single day of the week. I even went to bed last night around the same time I do on a 'school night'.

What I want to know is why this morning feels so rough? It's the same time and same body. It's a job that's about equal in work load or requirements on my body. In all honesty, this is probably simpler than the library, overall.

But when my alarm went off this morning- even 15 minutes later than usual!- I about died. I couldn't believe it. I hit the snooze and I actually fell back asleep which is unheard of. When I tap snooze I usually use those 9 minutes to contemplate the world and my day and slowly move all my limbs around. But this morning I almost dismantled the clock and then promptly went back to sleep. When it went off the second time I think I left a cartoon like hole in the ceiling about my bed, I was so startled.

I'm sitting here barely able to have my eyes open. I'm sucking down my coffee but it's not doing it's job.

I swear my body knows it's a Sunday, a day of rest, a day to sleep in.

I think Sunday 8am feels like any other time at 5am.

And it's supposed to rain today.




Jimmie Earl said...

It must be the change in barometric pressure or weather in general, cause I feel the same way. I even went thru McDonald's and got coffee for a "shot in the arm" and it hasn't helped.
I have the advantage though, I can take a nap. I will keep the sofa open for you when you get off, or you can run Kiddo off the red leather recliner.LOL!
I hate morning like this. I feel like the whole day is a bust!


Maggie said...

JE- thanks for the couch offer but if I take a nap at 4pm today I'll have the evil "not sleeps
tonight. i'll have to just muscle through it.

And I'm gonna do laundry and work more this evening on the project Photographer gave me. And maybe make more cards! :)

I'm sure I'll survive, but boy wouldn't it be nice if there was a Starbucks here in town for a pick me up? ;)

Curley said...

It doesn't help that there is no sunshine today. And that dratted time change thing. It's still dark when you wake up at 7:15 and it's still dark outside. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Coffee is a diuretic. You need lots of water.

Mellodee said...

I have fought with morning my whole life! The entire world seems to operate on the concept that one's day should start no later thn 7:00 a.m. For those of us who don't become functional until sometime after 10 or even 11 a.m., this ongoing struggle is an assault on the needs of our bodies for sleep! Having to battle on the weekends too is just flat out cruel!

One of the absolute best things about retirement is that I can FINALLY stay up late and no one can make me get up in the morning until I feel like it....and I don't have to feel guilty at all!!