Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Hump Day Musings

In our community, we have a pizza place what has a Godfather theme to their business name. Godfather as in the mafia movie. What I hate is that the radio DJ who does the commercials does a TERRIBLE, and I mean TERRIBLE, impression of Brando as the Godfather. If I owned the place I would wall and just tell them "no" and to stop.

Tonight is opening night of Mac's school play! It's his first huge lead so I'm excited to see how well it goes for him. He's a bit of a diva about it all so I hope his performance lives up to his ego.

I'm adding a shelf here and there to the library bookcases. Well, let me rephrase that, I would LIKE to do that. I can find the extra shelves but the pins that actually hold the shelves are gone. Really. Who takes the pins? And I'll be honest here. We don't think it's the kids. Someone on the library committee who's been here since the invention of dirt said she wouldn't be surprised if a previous librarian- 2 or 3 ago- tossed them in the trash. Seriously?!?

Gasoline is so expensive right now that I put $30 in my tank this morning. I was so on Empty that the fuel light was on. And $30 filled it only half way. Prohibitive. It really irks me, and it's completely unnecessary.

My school didn't use all of their scheduled calendar snow days so I get this Friday off. Yup, no school at all. Just a day to hang out. Thank you to the day off gods! Did I mention Mac will be at school all that day? I'm going to sleep in and read and just be a bum.

I can't believe it could snow tomorrow. Not nice.

Princess did some work in her art class and it's been submitted to a local art school competition. I'll be visiting the gallery! She's one of the top contenders for ribbons in the categories she's entered in- I'll let you know what she wins!

Speaking of Princess and weather, she's running distance races in track and her meet is tomorrow. Of course, I'm going to watch and cheer her on but it's supposed to be a high of 31 degrees with possible snow. Today it's a high of 62 with a chance of rain. I'm so thrilled about standing outside in that weather tomorrow. Not.

One thing I miss from when I lived in Northern Civilization, Armpit, and even in the Wild West is that I always had a group of folks with whom I met for "Thirsty Thursday" festivities. I miss Thirsty Thursdays at the local watering hole. I don't even have a local watering hole.


Jimmie Earl said...

Thirsty Thursdays! Who woulda thunk? Is that what you called going to the Applebee's in Northern Civilization after classes let out at the college where we both taught? I went to that once!
I also remember be invited by a student to drop in at Hooters for a drink. She was a waitress there. I didn't go. Drat!!
Find a watering hole and do the Thirsty Thursdays again. I bet XRay girl would go along. I know if you called JTS she would go!
You need a night out with the "girls."

Finn said...

$30 for a half tank of petrol? That's half-price compared to here.
Last week a full tank cost me £88.58 - that's over $130!
Just now you don't want to live in Ireland - North or South.

Bragger said...

Enjoy your day off. I'll try really, really hard not to be jealous. Spring break is still foreverrrrrrrrrrrr away for us. Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

booknut said...

Be happy you have Friday off! My sister's kids in Ohio won't get out of school until June because they had so many days off due to flooding issues.