Thursday, March 24, 2011

My "kids"


He was great last night in his school play. He just blew me away. His drama club has accumulated enough money in the kitty and they bought some seriously extravagant sets. The costumes were awesome as was the make up. And the students did an amazing job. They were impressive. But I have to say this about Mac. He was the lead and in a four Act show, he had about 60% of all the lines. He had two terrifically long monologues. And he was just..... wow. He nailed that part. I've never seen anything like it. He has more acting talent in his little finger than I do my whole body. He was fabulous.

The second bit of good news is that he received an almost full ride scholarship to his first choice of schools. We owe around $3k out of a bill of $30k. They take payments. I am so proud of him and so relieved.

And he made the all A and B honor roll at the end of this quarter! Even with the high amount of senior-itis that's affecting (in infecting?) him he hasn't given up on academics.

He's also been attending 2 different church youth groups, all on his own. I don't make him go. I thought he was was going because of a girl but when he was no longer interested in that "skirt" he still kept going. He even goes to youth group when his friends bail. Furthermore, the youth minister is taking him to dinner tonight to get to know him and celebrate Mac's positive contributions to the youth ministry.

Finally, he's looking for a job- and not complaining- so it's great to see that responsible side.


She's on the all A honor roll- not a single B+ but all As!!!!!

Because of her outstanding academic record she was presented a trophy at the academic awards ceremony today!

Princess has decided to run track! She's a distance runner and is in three different events. She's been diligent in attending practices and working hard. Today is the first meet!

I'm also impressed because she's given up drinking soda pop for Lent and she hasn't fallen off the wagon yet!!!!

The Alcatraz kids live in a world of points. They earn and lose points at school and in their campus homes. For the 7th week in a row, she's earned 150 points here in school, which is the max number of points students can earn in a week. So she's had perfect school behavior for seven weeks; she so rocks!

Aren't my "kids" awesome?!?

Maggie the Mom

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Bragger said...

You've done a great job with BOTH of your kids! Seriously, I can see you having a wonderfully positive impact on Princess.

As for Mac....put this one in your back pocket, because believe me, you're going to need it before he goes off to college!

Congrats to both!