Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Random Random

I want to learn how to play the violin and the guitar and the piano. Sounds like I want to be my own band...

The Glee Soundtracks are my current favorite musical conglomeration ever.

I love my new cell phone/ hand held computer- the HTC, but the battery life sucks, sucks, sucks.

I'm going to make jello-o cake this weekend. My biggest challenge will be deciding on cherry or orange.

ITSam has his son this weekend and I don't have to work so I'm going to hang out and do nothing. Oh yeah, I couldn't do anything if I wanted since I don't HAVE A CAR.

ITSam had to explain condoms to his 11 year old son. I'm glad I wasn't around when they had discussion. I'm the parent who gave Mac all his sex talks. Once in my life for that was enough. Though, at lunch the other day, Princess actually asked me how lesbians had sex. Ugh!

Speaking of Princess, her bio-mom is coming to visit her this weekend. Gee, that's nice.

I took one knitting class. Is that enough to cross something off the 40 for 40?

Because of the asshat mechanics, I had to miss zumba this week. So much for being on an exercise roll.

I hate March.

Maggie the grump


Curley said...

I would say yes to the knitting because it says TRY to learn a new craft. I would be calling the car fixing place and giving them a piece of my mind.

Lilith said...

I used to play the violin in middle school and loved it. That's one of the instruments I want to learn how to play, along with the guitar and piano. We should take lessons together!

What in the world is jello-cake?

Maggie said...

Curly- cool. Now I have a post for the next day or two. And I have pictures of me at that class!!!

Lilith- we should. if i ever end up there again it would make it so easy!

And I'll send you a recipe for jell-o cake. it's amazing. it requires cool whip. i adore anything that involves cool whip.