Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tough love

Mac's life had been falling apart since last October. He got kicked out of school. He came home and I laid down the law. He went to see a therapist, which didn't do a lot of good. He refused to see a medical doctor to get any sort of prescription like Prozac to help him.

He enrolled at a local community college and got a part time job. He seemed to be okay for a bit.

Then he lost the job. He did shitty at school.

At the beginning of summer, he thought about joining the military. He applied for a few jobs. He basically went into hiding from his family and stayed with his friends for days on end, coming home in the middle of the night to shower and grab some food.

About a month ago, now, he moved out and in with friends. Things here were tense and I just said here are the rules, follow them is one choice or move out is the other choice. He moved out.

It didn't go well. Things for him went from bad to worse and since he still didn't find a job it was sucky. He got into a fight with the roommates and after he slept in the park for a night, he finally called hi sperm donor for help.

And that $%!&*(%(@# Sperm Donor jerk didn't do anything. He listened to Mac and lectured him for several hours and heaped a bunch of guilt on him. Then he told him he could couldn't stay with his family since he was such a mess.

So Daddy-O and I let him come back. Mac knows this is the last time. So...

Yesterday Mac is I could give him a ride. I drove him to about 25 places to pick up applications. Today he filled out about 20 of them while I was at school and then after school I drove him back to turn them all in. I was amazed at the progress! And it garnered him an interview as the local Pizza Hut.

His plan for today is to follow a lead on a factory job which has about 4 steps to even get the interview. And he's going to finish the rest of the the paper apps and I'm going to give him a ride to drop those off. And he said he wants to do some laundry. This is all his plan and his progress.

Tomorrow he's going to a local job placement agency and has his interview.

He has about 15 places online he's going to apply for over the weekend. And on Monday he said he's going to call all the places he's applied this week.

This is his plan. I hope he follows through. Because I don't want to have to follow through if he gives up.

He seems to really want to change and he really, really wants a job. I wish I had a connection to hook him up with a position just so he could have a chance but I don't. But I appreciate he's really trying. And I really hope something comes out of all his efforts. I don't know how long he's going to be able to hold onto the threat of hope that he'll get a job.

By the way, if any of you want to take a chance on a kid and have a legit offer, I'll make sure he gets there and he will work his ass off.

Parenting is hard.


Curley said...

Good Luck Mac! I know you can do it!

Lilith said...

That asshole hasn't done a damn thing for Mac his whole life!

Fingers crossed, good jujus sent for Mac to find a job and keep him on the path to success!

Jimmie Earl said...

The only thing the sperm donor ever gave you or Mac was a hard time, so I'm not surprised. I pray every day for both of you and know something is going to happen that,s good for a change. Keep on brave Mom!

Bragger said...

"Parenting is hard." - Yes. It. Is.

Damn it, it doesn't get any easier when they are "grown" either.

Shan said...

I am so sorry he is struggling so much trying to find his way. You have taught him well and hopefully once the crazy rebellious times are under control, he will settle in and learn to treat himself and everyone else better. We're rooting for you Mac!!!!