Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Busy bee

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, I realize this. I really do. For the longest time, I felt like I didn't have anything to blog about so I decided to make a conscious effort to write down anything that COULD be made into a blog post and see what happens. Furthermore, I felt my Muse kick in for awhile and I was writing. i also vowed to write every day so I even "back posted" (aka cheated) so I had posts every day.

The ideas started flowing and I have a huge list of stuff I want to write about. Yay- I was "feeling" the writing bug, which I know is part of it.

But then I got busy. REALLY busy. Last week, I had something going on every single day after school until late into the evening. Most of it was of my own doing, but by the time I got home I was just ready to fall asleep or my brain was so mushy I couldn't focus on writing anything of quality and I didn't want to a) waste a good topic and make it crummy; or 2) just post crap so I can say I posted daily.

Then last weekend I had "time", sort of. Sometimes it's mind over matter, ya know? I had a really good book to read, and the first day I had all week to relax was Saturday afternoon so I did nothing but read. My brain was on vacation and I didn't even touch my laptop all day long. Sunday, when I thought I was going to write, I ended up being gone all day. It was FUN- XRayGirl and I went shopping, out for a late lunch and we got pedicures! Yahoo- us! I love me some GF time. (and last week I hung with Lilith, got a haircut, helped Mac with some work stuff, sort of babysat for a friend's kiddo, went to a baseball game, went rummage saling with Curly, graded papers in preparation for student teaching, and spend an evening with Girl- and see all the potential blog stuff here? And all the stuff you're missing and need updated on?)

Then I was back at in again on Monday with the crazy schedule!

So, here it is: I'm not back posting the days I missed (expect a diet update, which I do more for me, than you!) Here is a post today. And if all goes according to Hoyle, I shall have a post every few days, if not daily, for the next several... years!


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