Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The first time

I've been able to do a lot of reading this summer, more than usual. Obviously summer vacation has allowed me time to wallow in a pile of books.

But I have a problem, which then turns into several problems. Only bibliophiles has issues such as this one.

What happens when you love an author and have read all their books and there are no more? I know I have to just wait for another one but when there some serious author- reader loving happening, waiting just sucks. I bought, for example, Sacre' Bleu by Christopher Moore. I pre-ordered it and it was on my Nook when I woke up. It was released on April 3. I just read it last week. I kept prolonging reading it because I've read all the Christopher Moore books and I hate waiting for another one. I couldn't stand it any more (or Moore?) and just had to read it; the suspense was killing me!

I've done the same thing with other books in the past. I buy them or borrow them and then just hang on to them, holding out to read while I anticipate the next one. Some authors I like quite a bit so I read them when I can and am content for the next one, but some authors, I go a little crazy: Christopher Moore, Janet Evanovich, Susan Whittig Albert, Jodi Picoult (had 2 out this year!), Greg Iles (finally his new one comes in December!), Nicholas Evans... I get these books ASAP and then I carry them around, savoring the fact I could read it if I want.

I realize I could re-read books by my favorite author. Re-reading to me is like trying to recreate a first kiss- it just can't be done. No matter who great and exciting, engaging, wonderful a book it the first time I read it, I can never get that sort of magic again. I do re-read books, but it better be damn good if I'm willing to give up time to do that. I also want to say that life is way to short to read books- this is how I feel most of the time. I have about 350+ books on my to read list and it's not complete. There is only so much time left in the world for me and I don't usually want to re-read something where there are so many new authors for me to fall in love with, to experience, to... 'kiss'. So I don't often re-read.

And then there are books that have just disappeared. Michael Allegretto hasn't written a book in years but I can't seem to figure out if he died or not. And RIP to Maeve Binchy... ah those at the Scarlet Feather and Quinton's... I shall miss them. And there was a character called Callahan Garrity written by Kathy Hogan Trocheck- she wrote 7 and then no more. It just pains me!

So I wait. I want for Evanovich's 19 in the Plum series. I wait to see if Evans will ever write a new one again. I have to wait at least a year or even more for more Moore, and Picoult. I have to just try to be patient for December for Iles.

And maybe go re-read turning Angel or Fool to get my through...


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Curley said...

What I want to do is get a book that I read way-back in Jr. High and read it again to see if I think it is as good now as I thought it was then. I tried finding it in a used book store, but they didn't have it. I know I can get it through Amazon. I just haven't done it yet. I'm afraid it won't be as good as I thought then.