Sunday, August 5, 2012

Train Ride

While I'm not someone who is a frequent concert goer, I've had the chance to see 2 concerts in just one week, which is pretty damn cool is you ask me!

Last night I saw Train and is was fabulous! My seat was amazing, less than 200 feet from the stage! I loved every single minute of the night. The music was great, the seats were great, the crowd was great! It was one of the best shows I've been to in years. I had so much fun and was so impressed with the show they put on.

The down side is that not one single picture I took with my cell camera turned out. Yeah.

But it was still an amazing night. They sand a ton of stuff from the California 37 album, of course, and then lots of their other hits like "Meet Virginia", "Hey Soul Sister", "Marry Me",and "Drops of Jupiter", just to name a few. And one thing that was completely awesome was their own medley of songs. that's right, they did a medley of their own music. You know how you go to a concert and you know the band can't sing ever single hit they've had or the concert would last about 9 hours? Well, Train made a medley of some of their older hits and sang that, flashing the album cover on a giant screen behind them on stage so the audience knew what album it was from. I thought that was pretty cool, so I think they managed to sing every single hit song, as well as every single popular sing they ever had, as well as 7 songs of he newest album, California 37.

One thing that's super cool is that one of the songs on the new album "Bruises" is a duet and the lead singer Twitters and gets a woman (or group) of women to sing it with him during the concert. No, I wasn't the lucky winner (OMG I Wish!) and this isn't the footage from our concert- it's not on the web yet- but it's from another concert and is a totally great song:

And of course some guy in the the audience proposed to some girl and she said yes, during the beautiful love song "Marry Me" which I have to admit it completely romantic and just about perfect. And the lead singer knew and told the audience and the woman was screaming and crying- not sure if it's was because she was proposed to or because Pat Monahan (lead singer) talked to her from stage...

Hope you enjoyed the videos! Now got get California 37! It's the best! Or get tickets!

Loved it!

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