Friday, August 3, 2012

8 reasons why Maggie is mad

I'm having one of those times where I'm all pissed off and irritated, mostly for no good reasons or for very good reasons but they all hit me at one time.

1. I hate it when Mac calls me and tell me something wonderful and then follows it up immediately with, "but we have a problem." First, WE do not have a problem- HE has a problem. It's not my fault his mobile phone doesn't work or that he's worried about passing a drug test or that he doesn't have any money for cigs or whatever. And why can't he ever just tell me something good without there being some fucking dramatic pause and then something bad?

2. And I hate it when people do not return phone calls in a timely manner, especially if someone SAYS on the message that it's important. How hard is it to call back soon when someone says, "We have an important issue and really need your help." Do I need to scream hysterically into the phone and beg for 911 like help?

3. It also just flat out makes me mad when people play dumb. They know what they did and they screwed up and then fake like nothing is wrong and are just "stunned" when they find out someone is angry at them.

4. And I wish people would take responsibility for their words and actions. If you are stupid and hurtful, admit it and apologize. Do not play some game about how it "did seem so bad" and say "well, I can't believe you're upset over that".

5. Hypocrites are also the worst. Really? You tell me to do one thing, get pissed when I don't, and then do the opposite and then get mad at me when I call you out for being a hypocrite, thus reverting to item 4. And the person who's being the hypocrite them gets mad at being called out. Stupid imbeciles. I am not in therw rong so don't try to make me feel like I am. Admit wrong doing, apologize, and move the hell on.

6. I'm also frustrated with my own self for getting mad at things that just affect me peripherally but it still makes me mad. The photographer I work for sold the camera I always use when I work for her so I guess I'm out of the photographer business until I get my own. It doesn't REALLY matter but it does. Maybe it's just because today I'm in a bad mood about all the other stuff.

7. Religion is not a trump card. It's about grace and faith and kindness, not about making people feel bad or using it to prove a point like a weapon is wrong.

8. Rude people suck.


Curley said...

sounds like valid reasons to me.

Evil Pixie said...

You're right... Rude people do suck. On another note, I'm sorry about the camera situation. That would frustrate me as well.

*Sending you good vibes and warm hugs*