Friday, August 31, 2012

No hospitality during an interview

In addition to my shitty outcome of the teaching gig, I had another interview. I applied online for a not named hotel chain for a low level management position. I actually was called by the corporate HR person and on the phone she told me the following:
  • there were various positions open: guest services, marketing/sales, and in HR
  • there are 6 hotels in my area and all of them have openings
  • their goal is to place a person in the hotel closest to where a person lives, if possible
  • the positions are mostly day shifts, mostly M-F, and mostly 8a-5p, though there will be occasional times of working evenings, weekends or holidays, depending on the position, but these times are rare
  • I would be interviewing panel style with a member of the corporate marketing/ sales department, a corporate HR person (not the woman on the phone), and 1 or 2 hotel managers from the area. After the panel interview I could have individual interviews with any or all of these people.
  • the positions pay between $10-14 per hour depending on the job
  • all people will be hired at the interview, or will hear before the end of that day

Sounds great, right? I even took an entire day off since I had to drive 2 hours for the interview.

The reality, however, was this:

  • the only position available was "guest services representative" which was primarily "front desk clerk"
  • the only hotel with an opening was the one I was at
  • the hotel with the opening is about a 25 minute drive from where I would be living
  • the hours were day shift, second shift and third shift. It was all rotating so I wouldn't be working just one but maybe something like: Monday days, Tuesday and Wednesday on second shift, off on Thursdays and then third shift on Friday and Saturday and be off on Sunday. This would also not be a set schedule- it could change week to week, day to day. This is obviously NOT weekdays nor is it days. AND the woman who interviewed me said everyone works all holidays or is immediately discharged.
  • I arrived and was introduced to 4 women and then the one who was a hotel manager took me to a supply closet with 2 chairs for an interview because she "didn't have any space elsewhere." Uhhhh, we're in a hotel and there was no room to convert into a meeting room???? And there was no panel interview at any time.
  • it pays minimum wage
  • I wasn't told either way if I was hired or not when I left

The woman who interviewed me was the manager at that hotel. She asked me typical interview questions and wrote down all my answer either word for word or she abbreviated. And she wrote in loopy, huge handwriting with neon orange pen. Just an observation.

She couldn't believe I had hours toward my master's degree but said it in that way where she wasn't impressed at all, but it came with a nose wrinkle and a look of disgust. Or jealousy.

She told me that it was a residential hotel with most clientele having an average stay of 7-15 days. Most clients were men ages 35-44 and she looked at my naked ring finger and emphasized it was NOT appropriate to fraternize at any time with guests. And then she arched her eyebrow at me. Well, gee if I can't screw the guests why would I want this gig?

She also said that every single person does laundry or cleans rooms daily and she doesn't want there to ever be "laundry drama". I'm not sure what that means. I mean, it's laundry. How much drama does laundry cause? She mentioned about 20 times during the 15 minute interview that she did not tolerate drama in her hotel. Uhhhh, okay.

AND she was the manager who worked 365/24/7 and expects no less from her small team of staff.

She briefly mentioned that there are benefits but none of them are available until the 6 month mark, but PTO starts accruing on day one, but can't use it for 6 months.

She then sent me on my way and told me if I was going to be hired I would know by Friday.

Uh, no. In no way would I want to work for this organization. At all. Ever. No.

Nor will I stay at this hotel. At all. Ever. No.

Not the best exposure to the hospitality industry.



Bragger said...

Crap, crap, crap. I keep sending good vibes your way, but they apparently aren't working. I hope I'm not jinxing you!

Curley said...

Well, gee, If you wanted all that niceness, you could have gotten that at the small hotel right here in your hometown. I bet they have to interview often to replace their wonderful staff, cause of all the drama, you know.

Maggie said...

Bragger- I'm sure your good vibes are helping- see, I'm not screaming and yelling and throwing things at stupid people during the job hunting process so I know it helps!

Curly- I'm going to fill out an application at the new place downtown and see what happens. At least it would be local drama... ;)

Lilith said...

You know I applaud you for making it through the whole interview.

When she made the comment about not sleeping with the male guests, I would have made the comment you thought and got up and walked out!