Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random rantings

The other night I was writing a blog post with my laptop open on my lap, and one head phone plugged into his MP3 player. My phone beeped so I read the text and looked at Tweets. There was a Tweet about a book I wanted so I grabbed my Nook to order it directly on my device because it's easier to do. My boyfriend was teasing me, asking me if I wanted another piece of technology since it didn't appear that I had enough in my lap all at once.

If a place offers "Free Wi-Fi" then why is a password required? And when inquiring about the password, no one who works there knows what it is?

I wish people would do their damn jobs. We get 15 copies of two different newspapers at our school every day for student use. These are free to our school and to our students. I called and talked to the person in charge of the program to tell her we would be on a July break for 3 weeks. I've worked with this woman lots of times before. I gave her the dates that we wouldn't need delivery. She took all the info; this woman is usually on top of stuff, never giving me the brush off and is always prompt in returning my calls, and is usually very helpful. So I told her we didn't need papers for three weeks and I thought we were good. Until I got back to school this week and learned from the janitors that the papers were delivered every single day for the entire 3 weeks and they had to be recycled, or worse, trashed. I was so irritated. I hate all that waste!

I am totally jonsing for an iPad. I want one so badly!

Right now dieting is so hard. I've done it for how many weeks yet right now I just want to eat scores of junk! I need MORE will-power! I keep telling myself that nothing tastes as good as thin feels but... I want Lemoncelo cake.

I have no tolerance for stupid people and those who don't do their fricking jobs.

So many good books are out right now that I can hardly stand it! And to top it off, there are about 50 movies coming out between now and Christmas that I want to see. I need to just be able to stay home and do nothing but go to the movies and read. I should be paid for that. i keep sayin'!

I applied for a job yesterday, out of town and out of education. I have no idea what I'm thinking except that it's not here and not dealing with kids.


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Jimmie Earl said...

Good luck on the job...and not so you move out, just that you need and are craving change.
I still say that you should report the social worker that dropped the ball! This wasn't the first time. Seems like she is never really doing her fricking job. I'm just sayin'.
Do you ever think about just slowing down and maybe stopping "to smell the roses" once in a while. Your schedule wears me out just hearing about it. LOL!