Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Part III- Mac at college, so far....

The very first morning he was there he sent me a text and asked me where his wallet was located! How the heck should I know since I don't live there? He was in a panic that he'd already lost his social security card and he'd only had it in his possession for 21 hours. I told him to shake out his bedding or go through his pants he wore the day before and check pockets. He texted me back shortly and said he found it in pants- and how did I know that? Gee, I wonder... duh!

He also called or texted me several times the first week. He wanted to know if I had an Ethernet cable. He wanted to know if I could sew on a button when he came home. He wanted money. He wanted to know phone numbers of people he could use for a personal reference on his job application. It's like he'd never left, except I didn't have to cook for him and I knew where my car was located (in the driveway!!!!)

He wanted my help on an English since he was paranoid about it. He read me the assignment and it was supposed to be an outline. Why did she only want an outline? What was she trying to do? What was the objective of the assignment? Where should he focus? I have no idea, I told him, since I wasn't the teacher. But my guess was that she wanted to see several things: 1) could he organize his thoughts; 2) follow directions; 3)know how to take notes; 4) did he understand what senor images and memoir meant. So he does the assignment and then calls me the next day to tell me he totally over thought the assignment- he said the class is full of "fu**tards"<-- this is his word! I said then he should see if he could test out of the class. He said, and I quote, "Nahhhhhhhhhhh, I need help on my writing too. I'm the smartest fu**tard in there, though." Gee, that's nice to know.

He also got a low grade on his first assignment in history and he was devastated. He said that is meant that he wasn't cut out to go to college, he might as well work at McDonald's and live and g'pa's attic forever, and give up his dreams of being a lawyer since he was so pathetic. Huge pity party. So we talked about what he did and didn't do and a new approach. I heavily suggested a meeting with the Prof, right away. Then he told me it was only worth 30 points, he got a C+ on it, and when weighted with the other homework assignments it was only worthy 15% of his total and final grade! Ugh!!!!! I should've asked that to begin with!

He's called to tell me about fellow students, classes, meetings, food, and his roommate. Guess his roommate used $2 on his Playstation account and Mac took the bull by the horns. He told him to NOT do it again. Mac's theory was that if he let it go now, he would do it again, or worse. He said he has to live with this guy so he wants him to know the limits that Mac will tolerate. Wow! Mac said he was nice about it, but he was "assured and non nonsense" in handling it. He said he didn't play it off as a joke so the Roommate knew he was serious. O-kay!

He's studying LOTS, which is awesome. He's done every assignment, including all the reading. He likes his classes. Overall, he says it's a learning experience, he loves the learning, he LOVES being on his own, but the jury is still out how he feels about the school as a whole.

So, even though he's gone, he's staying in contact. Lots of contact!

And he's coming home this weekend for the long holiday. Should be interesting.

Mac's Mom,


Curley said...

I knew he would do great after he got over the first few days of jitters. He is a great outgoing guy who makes friends easily. He will do great and I knew you would hear from him lots. At least for the first few weeks. Then he will be so busy....

Maggie said...

Curly- thanks for the words of encouragement! I think he likes it. Today he only texted me 1 time- to tell me he was giving blood!

Wiley said...

Wow, this is like reading one of those pamphlets about what to expect as a freshman! Good to hear he's focused on studying, though, and that he's talking to you lots :)