Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paid to blog?

Well, this sounds too good to be true and I'm not holding by breath or counting my chickens or any of that good stuff, but in the near future I might be getting paid to blog.

I've always wanted to be paid to write, and I've said here a million times it would be a dream come true to get paid to blog, and now it's a tiny, minor possibility!

Alcatraz, not just the school but the entire facility, has a wonderful marketing plan and branding and all that good stuff! It's fairly new, but it's going along well. We also have a company blog and I've written for it several times. The director of marketing calls and asks me to come up with something for the blog because she likes my writing style and my energy.

Yesterday she called to see if I would write something and then she asked if it would be something I would be willing to do on a semi-regular basis. She said she'd like to do a series on a couple of specific topics and thought it would be great if she could hire me part time/ freelance to blog for the company. She said if it all works out, I'd start as part time and then as her position evolved, then so would mine- into something full time. But the outset would be hired to blog for the company.

YES! Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!

So, keep your fingers crossed. She doesn't have a deadline for this plan, but she's one of those people who gets what she wants, and she WANTS this. I'm totally psyched!



Evil Pixie said...

That's fantastic! My fingers (and toes!) are crossed it happens for you! :)

Bragger said...

Congratulations! Getting paid to write..... that's a bonus I'd be happy with. I'm thrilled for you!

Wiley said...

Sweet! I definitely have my fingers crossed - this opportunity has you written all over it (bad, bad pun, sorry). Just don't get writer's bloc under the pressure ;)

Shan said...

This is way too perfect for you! She must get what she wants once again and get this for you!!!! :D