Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whew---- one week down!

I can't believe I've been away from here all week. I am so sorry, if anyone cares! We went back to school on Monday and since then it's been go- go- go!

Mac is getting ready for college, along with all my back to school drama. He's a lovable pain in the ass right now.

Daddy-O has another ear infection, which worries me.

Lest we forget the insufferable heat attacking the Midwest right now which sucks, and getting into the routine of getting up early, going to bed at a normal time, cooking, chores and financial worries, it's been a looooooooooooong week.

I was so ticked off on Monday because we have some "old guard" teachers who think our new discipline policies are stupid and won't comply. We have new teachers who are learning. Our construction isn't done yet. Just lots of back to school issues, like so many other schools suffer.

I also took a 3rd part time job- I'm overseeing lunch period for our students who live off the grounds but attend our school. I'll do this everyday, and get paid $15 per 90 minutes (or $10/ hour!). I have 4 kids, and they're pretty good. I also decided to oversee the literary magazine, co chair the prom, be the sponsor for the art club, and direct the school play in the fall and the musical in the spring. Yes, I have lost my ever-loving mind. The only things that could save me from this fate would be a handsome Irishman to whisk me off to the Emerald Isle, marrying Johnny Depp, a new job, or death.

I also got in a new shipment of new books, had to do bulletin boards, schedule all the English classes to visit the library, oversee all the new student testing, AND I have girl's PE locker room duty. Oh, and I met with students who wanted to check out books- you know, regular library stuff which is... oh, just MY JOB!

Sorry I was out of the blogging loop. I'll try to get back in the groove. I sure did love my month off, and miss it already. But I really love my job and is was good to be back with my students!!!

Hope you had a good week. Tomorrow is going to be "read other blogs while doing laundry" day.



Mellodee said...

Good God, woman!! Are you the only adult there?? If they want you to start cooking and mopping the floors, I would seriously look around just to make sure you are not the only teacher in the whole place!! I'm pretty sure that there must be somebody else around to take on some of that!

Curley said...

I vote marry Johnny Depp. I also agree with Mellodee. Did you leave anything for anyone else to do there? I also know that you lost your ever-loving mind a while back. Love ya anyway.

Bragger said... make me tired! I won't be complaining about MY job anymore.....

Get some rest. I'll be thinking about you!

(We start back on Monday in a new building with a new schedule and a new program in our building too.....)

Shan said...

I have no words for this list. Actually, the others said them all for me. I know you are a one woman show-ful of energy but I cannot comprehend what you've just said yes to. :~O I suddenly feel extremely lame. Be careful with yourself Mags.