Monday, August 29, 2011

Surprise festival, and a lazy weekend

This weekend there was a really neat free craft at Archiver's and I just 'had' to go. I made a free page and a free card. It involved sewing. By hand. On paper. It's a cool concept and has neat tools to make this happen but it was sewing. On paper! By hand! Let's just say I did it this one time and if I were to ever do it again, it would not be all the way across a 12x12 piece of paper. Maybe 2 inches, but not 12!!! See the holes on the left? I used thread and followed that pattern all the way down the page. But it was fun, and free! And Archiver's is a great store with so many wonderful ideas! I love to take pictures of their crafts and samples so I can try and re-create stuff!

We then found a festival in downtown Northern Civilization. When I lived there I knew about all the festivals and activities going on all over the city, all the time, concerts, displays, anything that there was to do, I was in the know. The Chamber of Commerce should've hired me! Since I don't live there, I'm never sure of what's happening so it was a pleasant surprise to run across a small faire and food tasting event. The faire was all about the Arts around the city with demonstration from the Civic theater to ballet to belly-dancing classes to South African drumming to museums to galleries- anything that had to do with arts or fine arts, had a booth or display or demonstration or performance. It was pretty amazing to walk around and talk to the folks involved, see the displays and watch performances either at the booths or on the three different stage areas. Then the fundraising part was food. Attendees could buy tickets and then go to any for the 30+ local food booths to eat. All food booths were local restaurants, not chains. It was wonderful! Cheesecakes, micro-brewed beers, ribs, gazpacho... so much to choose from. A foodie's dream come true!

It was such a beautiful day, not too hat, perfectly blue skies and sun and a wonderful time.

I love to find things like that around the city. Makes me miss living there even more than I already do! A little magic in the heart of the city! What a fun way to spend a lazy Saturday!

And speaking of lazy... lazy spilled over into Sunday. The weather was gorgeous so we opened up the house. I don't think it got any warmer than 70 degrees. I was a totally lazy bum and just laid around in my pj's all day, watching the box set of season 2 of Mad Men (one of the best shows on TV- how did I miss this all these years???). I ate cold roast chicken and warm rolls out of the container. I refrained from taking a nap, but barely. I read and watched and just was lazy, moving from one piece of furniture to another to keep from sleeping. But I didn't run around the house working or around town, play on the 'net, talk on the phone all day (one call with Curley!), text or anything. I just was a totally worthless layabout. I didn't even do laundry, which I feel like I do all the time. I just 'was'!

It was a fabulous weekend.... Can't believe I have to end it all and go back to work...



Lily said...

Laziness does the body good! :)

Maggie said...

Lily- amen to that sister, amen to that!