Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I had a total crap day at work yesterday. I've said it all the time: the teachers are worse than the kids, most days. That pisses me off. Yesterday I had 2 teacher complain to me about a music project I'm working on, and 1 more whom I really care about and respect growled at me in one breath and ask me for a favor in the other. It was "library day" so ALL students on campus visited the library, which meant I had to 'interact' with 11 teachers. I try to AVOID teachers. ITSam and I had disagreement in the morning before schools tarted. Mac and I had a pissing contest. I started my period. I misbalanced my check book and just found the error and I was told Mac was missing a loan form. Yesterday was NOT my favorite day. I was so mad and just had to say to hell with everything because people suck, suck, suck- I give up. I was so pissed.

Also, I had promised Mac that I would take him to see a movie of his choice last night and make homemade pizza. So we went to see GLEE, the 3-D Concert Movie. I like Glee! I love the tv show and I have all the soundtracks. You could say I'm a bit of a Glee-k. Now, that being said, it wouldn't have crossed my mind to actually go see the movie. It just isn't my thing. And I wouldn't have normally paid the price of a 3-D ticket, in the evening, to see it. But I told Mac we could see his pick and that's what it was. (He's a Glee-k himself. He's the one who got me hooked on it!) Great-- after that day, seeing singing and dancing people acting like teens was NOT what I wanted to do. But it's Memory Week so no way could I say no!

I'm rolling my eyes as the previews start. I'm rolling my eyes as the movie starts. I can't believe I'm sitting there watching it in 3-D. Ugh, ugh, ugh! There was concert footage and all the fans that were interviewed and screaming and... ugh!

Then the singing started.

There was no Glee cast story line. There were some silly snippets of the cast doing "behind the scenes" stuff but there was a story of sorts. There were 3 young people who are HUGE Glee fans who talked about the show and how it's influenced their lives. There's a young boy who's in HS now but was outed as gay when he was in the 8th grade; he talked about how Glee helped him. There's a young girl who's a small person and how the show helped her see it's okay for her to be different and led her to be a 'Cheer-io' at her own school, only not a snob. And there's a young woman who suffers from Aspergers and how Glee helped her. These three stories were told interview style, back and forth between them in their homes and schools, and then intermingled with their stories were songs and dance routines of the Glee cast, from their concert tour this summer.

And it was good. It was totally feel good.

By the end of the movie, I was smiling and happy and even crying. I was singing along and seat dancing. It was just awesome. I loved it and it was inspiring and just flat out POSITIVE and FEEL GOOD! I was so touched by the stories of those three youngster and I just loved the music and energy of the cast.

Another part that touched me was the footage of the audience at the concert. They hadn't heard the stories- they were just regular, old concert goers. We've all seen either a concert music video (if not a full out concert on tv or in a movie) and we always see concert goers having fun. And there was the same audience/ concert footage of everyone singing along and screaming and having fun. And the audience was full of blacks and whites, men and women, boys and girls, old people and young people, gay and straight- all at the same concert, all singing the same songs. That was about the most amazing thing I'd seen, 3 year olds all the way to grannies singing "Don't Stop Believing.".

I'm a firm believer that there's nothing wrong with a happy ending, a feel good moment. And I have to remember to not stop believing, no matter what.



Jimmie Earl said...

Probably the hardest thing for us as we grow older is to not stop believing. I have a struggle with continuing to "believe" in many things. But, I keep telling myself that life is truly wonderful, awesome, and believable. Even on a bad day.

JE aka Daddy-O

Curley said...

I'm so glad that your day ended on a much better day than it began. Keep singing and seat dancing. It makes me smile.