Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drinking meme

1. Beer, wine, liquor, mixed drinks – rank them

a) mixed drinks, then wine, then liquor and lastly beer

2. How often do you drink?

Not often enough.

3. Favorite scotch?

Johnny Walker Blue

4. Favorite whiskey?

Jack Daniels

5. Favorite tequila?


6. Gin?

I don't care for gin

7. Vodka?

Gray Goose

8. Rum?


9. Red or white?


10. Best wine ever?

Angioletta Muscato

11. Favorite type of wine?

Angioletta Muscato

12. Favorite every day red?

I'm not a fan of reds, but Robertson Winery makes a nice sweet red, if I must

13. Favorite every day white?

Angioletta Muscato

14. Best value white?

Angioletta Muscato- it's a lovely Italian wine that I can get for about 10 bucks a bottle

15. Do drink boxed wine?

I have in the past

16. Fastest to getting drunk?


17.Are you quiet, silly, or what when you are tipsy?

usually very silly

18. Ever do anything your regretted while drunk?

I have a list

19. Favorite beer?

MGD lite

20. Favorite food while drinking?

fried and greasy

21. Favorite cordial?

Crème de menthe

22. Favorite ‘desert drink’?

Lemon Drops-- you mean having booze for dessert, right?

23. Favorite morning libation?

Morning Glorys

24. Favorite bar?

anywhere with a good loud cover band, fun people and cold drinks that are cheap

25. How old when you had your first booze?

I think I had a sip of beer on Race day when I was a kid but to actually drink drinks or order my own drinks, I was legal- age 21

26. “Not for me”


27.Do you own a cocktail shaker?

Yes, and it's pink!

28. Martinis – gin or vodka?

Vodka, dirty, three olives, no onions, shaken not stirred

29. Ever been in a bar fight?


30. An amusing vignette involving booze:

Well, there are many... kissing strangers over a pool table, taking a "friend" home, throwing lettuce, drunken singing when there was no karaoke, singing when there was karaoke.... there's a long and embarrassing list...

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