Saturday, July 28, 2012

Second hand and vintage clothing store love

I have a funky neighborhood I like to visit when I head to the state capital city. There are several vintage and second hand clothing shops in the area. Everyone seems to be on the vintage clothing store bandwagon, if you will.

The first one I found, Annie's, has amazing deals and bargains. I usually leave the store with several bags of clothing and only spend around $20. I also love the proprietress, Jennifer. She's a hoot, a former English teacher and just a fun character to visit with. I love her shop and she carries things in my size, too!

I went to a few other stores in the same neighborhood, and holy moly, their prices on vintage and seconds are unreal! What I would pay for an entire haul at Annie's would be equal in cost to one thing somewhere else. And there doesn't seem to be a difference in quality or name brand. It's appalling. While I can get a Jones New York suit at Annie's for $15, I would pay $50 at the other shops.

And I went to a second hand wedding dress shop. Look, I want to know what's second about having dresses priced near $800-$1000. Seriously?!? If I wanted to pay that much, I'd buy new. And I was looking as name brands and beading (and the detailwork) but for a simple sheath dress, with no beading nor train and simple cap sleeves- used, for $900???? No fricking way. I was in another shop that sold second hand dresses for $20-$200, which seems much more reasonable! And at least four times a year, David's Bridal has $99 dresses. Not that I'm in the market for a wedding dress, but I'm just sayin'!

There's also a cool, true, vintage clothing store a few neighborhood's away. And she carries REAL vintage clothing, not just gently used modern stuff. I love to go in there and try on stuff that look like Marilyn Monroe over the air duct dresses, and Lucy Ricardo dresses complete with apron and crinoline. I love to go in there. I can look like a flapper or like I'm ready to sing at the USO during WWII. I even found an outfit that would let me star in a production of Hair. I found a Scarlett O'Hara dress but not in my size, dang it! Anyway, her stuff is priced in a fairly spendy range but that makes sense to me since it's either the genuine article from that time period, or it's an excellent reproduction knock off. And you never know what she's going to be wearing. She does the whole look, including a wig and make up and jewelry to match what she has one, plus she's a hoot to be around! I wish I worked somewhere where I could dress in true vintage fashion, depending on my daily mood! (I'm reminded of the Annie Potts character in the film Pretty In Pink, and of the character Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds- I want to emulate them both!)

Now I must dash, because I heard there's a sale on flapper dresses!


Curley said...

Sounds like you're having fun there. Sounds like the wedding shop has been watching Say Yes To The Dress. Have you seen some of the prices they quote on the show. One girl tried on a dress for $24,000. Yes that is 3 zeros. And the dress wasn't even pretty.

Olivia said...

I agree! I bought my wedding dress from a girl on ebay for one hundred dollars. It was an individual seller not an ebay store. It fit perfect. When i was done I resold if for one hundred dollars. Resale is the way to go!!!!!