Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Boom Boom Boom, Even brighter than the Moon, moon, moon

Our family doesn't usually do much on the 4th of July. None of us are people who likes heat so it's often a bad time for us to try and do anything that regular people do: no beaches, being outside, and such.

Last year, ITSam and I were not having a good 4th so I stayed home and then went to watch fireworks. The year before that we went to his family's home for a cookout, fireworks and games.

Today was a good day but no fireworks. It's been so hot that our county (and most of our state) has a Burn Ban and that includes the town sponsored fireworks. I went to XRayGirl's house for a cookout. She had assembled an array of characters and good food for the day. It was fun. I didn't know very many people but it still seemed a good time was had by all. It still felt like something was just missing. I love fireworks...

I remember one of my favorite Independence Day's when I lived in the Wild West. It had been so hot and dry that summer. I lived in the desert area and it was unbearably hot during the day and just nice and cool at night. But dry. We hadn't had rain forever. No one was sure if the tiny town I lived in would actually put on a fireworks display or not. Our town had fire watchers keeping eyes peeled for heat lightening because we were in a prime situation for wildfires.

But amazingly enough, just days before the big event, it started to rain. And rain. And rain. It rain steadily and surely for about 3 days, day and night, and then it cleared up. Oh, it was still hot and fires were still a risk because of lightening strikes, but everything was wet.

And we had fireworks.

I went uptown and sat in the back of a pickup with a bunch of other people, drinking beer and we watched that pitch black inky sky light up. I hadn't used my camera to take firework shots before but here's what I did get, which is still cool, to me.

Happy 4th!

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