Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is it work? Is it a vacation? I can't tell the difference!

Not only am I having a super cool week working with the kids at journalism camp, I'm also having a great time in this college town. It's a wonderful atmosphere and I just love the culture.

There are tons of amazing little shops all over the place. I'm not shopping so much as just wondering in and out of all these cute little places. I love the options and variety. I can find just about everything and then stuff I never thought of before. I love all the New Age stores, in person esty shops, vintage shops and tons of bookstores.

Speaking of bookstores, I went into one that has the biggest collection of newspapers and periodicals for sale of anywhere I've ever been. There were papers in at least 12 different languages plus papers from all the major North American markets. There were periodicals for every topic under the sun, appealing to everything. The collection of books- and this wasn't a used book store- ran from best seller and popular to rare and eclectic. I explored for hours there. It also had all sorts of fun and quirky novelty gifts for the reader and the artist. I bought a Monet coloring book, and almost bought a book of pin up girl paper dolls (but I wasn't sure what to do with it other than just owning it because it was amazingly cool).

The choices of places to eat is also amazing. It's very much a "bar" culture but in the middle of all of that are some great places to eat. I've had some of the best food ever this week- diet be damned. I've had English fish and chips at an Irish pub, arroz con pollo at a Mexican place, and some wonderful gyros at a Greek place. I ate a fabulous vegetarian bagel at a local place where bagels are made fresh (and boiled) 3 times daily, on site, with homemade schmears. I still want to eat Indian or Thai before I head home.

And the culture is everywhere. There are tons of free galleries and museums. There are poetry readings and author readings. There's all type of classes like yoga or belly dancing or Pilates. The music that plays in shops and restaurants is as diverse at the people and food options. And people talk about politics and books and just all these wonderfully intellectual ideas. (I spend time eavesdropping on fellow diners and shoppers)

Campus is amazing. It's historic and majestic. It just feels like I'm surrounded by history and can feel brains and intellect just ooozing from the building and people, practically. I like the history in the buildings. I love the nooks and cranies.

Tis a lovely working vacation!

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Lilith said...

When you move down there, can I come visit for the weekend?