Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm a sucker for a cutie!

Fab Finn, my ever adorable nephew, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so adorable!!!!

We had a family dinner tonight- my aunt and uncle from Texas are here- and Daddy-O, my bro and sisIL and the kids. The Divine Ms K was divine, of course, but she wasn't really wanting to have much to do with anyone except her mama.

Fab Finn on the other hand, was a pure delight. At first he wasn't going to have a thing to do with me. I, like any good auntie, bribed him to like me. I gave him dum-dum suckers and let him drink out of my adult cup and swish around in the ice cubes with his hands. I was totally IN!

He just jabbered at me and talked to me; he called me by name. He wanted to go with me when I went to the salad bar. He gave me high 5 and good-bye kisses. He smiled and giggled.

He's such a flirt and a charmer.

Good times with the little guy! Probably the best date I've had this month!

Auntie Mags


booknut said...

That's my boy! He charms all the pretty ladies. We get the best service when we go to restaurants!

Maggie said...

In a few years he'll be beating the girls off at nursery school with a stick... and high school? Oh man...!