Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I would suck during the Apocalypse

Today we finally had some great thunder and lightening rain showers move through out area. We're officially in a drought, as declared by some federal and state government agencies so it was really nice to have a lot of rain. It was storming sometime in the night and basically rained until late in the afternoon before it stopped.

But with the glorious rainy weather came one pitfall- a power outage. Because we had gusts of wind up to 70mph and all the storm stuff, somewhere along the way, out power went out around 8am and didn't come back until 4pm. Yes, the power was out all day long.

My big plan for yesterday was to do laundry and help Mac with some job applications online. Daddy-O was going to be gone most of the afternoon so I was either going to watch a bunch of tv on the DVR or listen to music really loudly.

Having no power really destroyed all my plans.

First when I got up I kept thinking it would pop on at any moment. When it became evident that wasn't happening, like after I called to report the outage and an automated voice said we were expected to have power back by 1pm, I knew I needed a plan for the day. Starting with coffee.

But I had no power so no way to run the coffee maker.

I couldn't operate a blender without power so I couldn't have my diet shake.

No power meant no hot water to bathe in, and obviously nipped my laundry plan in the bud.

Also, my car was in the garage with an electric opener and no way to get it out to get coffee.

Let's recap, shall we? No power= no electricity= no coffeemaker+ no blender= no coffee+no shake+ no way to open the garage door to get coffee+no hot water for a shower= oh shit. What was going to happen if I couldn't have coffee? Or a shower? How would I live? How would I survive? What would become of me?

Well... I did take a super brief shower with the remaining hot water in the hot water heater, by flashlight, Daddy-O manually popped the latch to get the car out of the garage and we foraged the city for a place with power and coffee.... or we drove thru Hardee's drive thru.

At one point during the day I found Daddy-O crocheting by oil lamp light. Not kidding!

I only had the Internet on my phone and no wireless for my Nook. And when the batteries died on these devices, how was I ever going to re-charge them?

I felt like I was stuck in an episode of Little House on the Prairie!

When the power wasn't back on by 1pm, I called and the new message said the energy company was doing its best to restore itself. And by 4pm they succeed.

But it was touch and to there for awhile. I thought I might be without a mobile phone since the battery light turned red around 3:30pm. And I was running on the last of the Nook battery; I might've had to read *ACK!* a book made of paper!

It was hell. Pure hell.

Thank goodness the power came back on and life was good again. Whew!



Bragger said...

I'm with you, girl. My idea of "roughing it" is when there's no wifi and I have to use my CONNECT CARD. Gasp! Glad things are back to normal there.

Curley said...

How would you like to be out for 2 1/2 days? Did that in the middle of winter. Try it when it's an average of 20 degrees during the day. We had to melt snow just to flush the toilet. By the third morning I was ready to cry.

Maggie said...

Bragger- As you know I have this thing where I DO NOT CAMP and if the power had been out much longer, it was going to feel like camping. I always said it was roughing it if the hotel didn't have room service and a good view! :)

Curly- I would've cried after about 12 hours and then been begging anyone to drive me to town, either by truck, sled, dog team, 4 wheeler. I have no idea how you survived the camping. And not killing your youngest child. ;) Now you, you could totally kick butt in an Apocalypse!