Monday, July 30, 2012

Diet Week 13

I wonder if it's time for me to exercise? I've been dieting for 13 weeks so far and haven't really "exercised" in the traditional sense. I don't make it a point to walk or job or take a class for the express purpose of weight loss. I do make sure I take stairs instead of elevators. I make sure I park far way from buildings. I always go to the bathroom that's furthest from my 'classroom' at the school.

I think, if I'm guessing, that I've lost about 30 pounds total, other than the slight gain during the pig out week and while I've been on vacay I haven't been as diligent as I am when I was in school. The weight loss has leveled out.

Now I don't know if that's because I haven't been as diligent, as I mentioned. I could be not losing because I've broke down my routine a little bit into a mess and have allowed a bit more bread or other starches which I didn't do at all before.

I was also reading on several different weight loss web sites and in several books that once your body plateaus with weight loss, it's good to up the daily calorie count by 100 calories- something about the way the body metabolizes or something. That part I didn't really understand- eat more to lose less? The other option is, of course, to exercise.

I'm thinking that since I'll be back to school next Wednesday, I should have an easier time in getting into a routine, which certainly will help. I also think that if I keep doing what I have been doing for a few more weeks, and add a 30 minute walk to my week, at least three times, and not up my calories, then I can see where I'm at.

This is the hard part of losing weight! I just want the pounds to keep falling off.

So it's going to be back to fish and chicken and rices, lots of veggies and fruits, and other creative weight loss foods. I recently purchased several vegetarian cook books, not necessarily because I want to be one but because of all the super creative ways to cook veggies, and the other healthy substitutes that are recommended. I need to have that consistency back to see if I am losing or if I've leveled off.

Grrrrrrr, a healthy lifestyle is good but getting there is the bard part!


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