Thursday, July 12, 2012

Food, glorious international food!

This is a diet free post!

I'm in love with food. It's probably great that I do NOT live here in the college town of the conference for I would weigh about 400 pounds. Food is everywhere and plentiful and it's completely ethnic and mostly authentic.

I've never left my home state and I've eaten around the world.

Monday night was a good old dish from the motherland, Ireland. (My motherland!) I found an Irish pub and had fish and chips and a hard cider. And a shot of Jameson whiskey. Good food, great atmosphere- very much like a Dublin pub- good service, fine company, and great music, albeit not live, but still good.

Tuesday took me to Greece. I don't think I've really had much Greek food before so I indulged in a Lamb Gyros. Yes, a pretty common item BUT this lamb is on a spit and is roasted for days (or something like that) and patrons can watch it be sliced off the rotating beast. I had a Greek salad, too. They make homemade and daily baked pita bread for the sandwiches and the hummus is also made fresh and served with homemade pita chips. Oh baby, yes!

Last night was Mexican. I know I can get that at home but when other people LOVE Mexican and I'm the only one who isn't really fan, I decided it was better to just go along and get a salad for something. Oh so NOT necessary! I love to get arroz con pollo (traditional chicken, cheese and rice) but at the Mexi place in my hometown they use so much black and white pepper it's overloaded and I just hate it. It's also never consistent there, either- something hot, sometimes mild and sometimes FLAMING hot. At home they also use a very spice cheese which adds to the burn. If the place I ate at last night was like at home, I would LOVE Mexican. The waiter heard me tell someone I was getting a salad because of the hot factor at home and he PROMISED if I got it, there would be flavors but not heat or pepper. So I got it and it was wonderful!

Tonight is dinner on my own. I was thinking French but the place is really expensive as is the Tibetan place. I have it narrowed down to Turkish (yay kebabs!), Thai or Indian. I found the menus online and the Indian place as non-hot curries so that's a plus. We shall see what happens and I'll update you tomorrow!

Loving my food,

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Bragger said...

Yum. Just yum.

It's so awesome that you are going to this conference.