Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random tv thoughts

I love the television show The Voice. Great. I now officially like a reality tv show. Damn.

Did I miss Glee last Thursday? Was it on? Is it true that it won't be on until Nov? (Which isn't that far but seriously, to not be on for a few weeks already???)

Does anyone else not watch Criminal Minds if you're home alone? I have to dvr it because no one is home on Wednesday nights and I'm too much of a chicken to watch alone.

Can't get enough of the Monday night comedies!

I have some serious love for the dramas this season: CSI NY, Blue Bloods and Hawaii 5-0 are awesome!

What are you watching a liking? Or disliking?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

What are they teaching kids these days?

Mac and his buddy moved into their first apartment and they pay rent weekly. Today is the roommate's turn to pay. He called me mid day today to see if I would help him. He doesn't have a bank account so he can't write a check for his portion of the rent and needs to pay with a money order. But he didn't know how to get a money order or what to do with one- and he wanted me to help him.


I went to the apartment to pick him up. (By they way, I dropped off mac' clean laundry and helped unpack a few boxes while I was there. And the Roommate was AMAZED at how much space they had in the living room without boxes piled in the middle. Well, duh!)

We went to an ATM to get cash since money orders can't be purchased any other way. He couldn't get any cash; he said the balance said he had money but the ATM wouldn't give him cash. I suggested he call the number on the back of the card to see the problem. He tried and it said he had enough money. We went to a bank across the street, he went in and a few minutes later was back out. He couldn't get cash off his card inside either. I suggested he call back again and press "0" until he reached a person. He did and explained the situation. He was told he has a daily cash limit and the amount he wanted would push him over. He managed to take out just enough and put it with the cash he already had.

Okay- crisis averted.

We went to a gas station and I told him to just ask the cashier for a money order in $*** amount. He said okay and then waled away and then came back asking me, "aren't you going in with me?" Uh, sure.

Did I mention he's 19 years old and did a semester of college, works a full time job, and has at least a high school diploma?

Money order in hand, I launch into teacher mode and explain to him what to fill out. Where he had to write in the landlord's name, he asked me what it was. I couldn't remember and neither could he. I told him to call hi landlord and ask to whom he should make out the money order. He didn't have the number- I did and gave it to him. (He said he remembered I told him and Mac both to program the number into their mobiles but he forgot). He called and got the information and finished filling it out. He put it in the envelop I made him grab from the apartment.

I started driving to the drop off site and Roommate was freaking out because he couldn't remember where to deliver it. I told him the address and he was "ohhhhhhhh". Finally, we get there and I show him the box where to put the money and then I took him home.

I'm amazed at what he didn't know: how to fill out a simple money order, how to BUY a money order, or how to handle a bank mess up. I asked him what he would've done had I not been there and he said he would've just waited until tomorrow to try again. I reminded him he wouldn't been charged $25 per day late and then had to deal with the landlord...

He said from now on if he didn't know something, he was calling me since I know everything.

Why didn't he learn any of this stuff in a life skills class? Or from his parents?

Monday could be a deja vu for me when Mac has to pay his portion of the rent, and he and I will do this all over again... maybe. I can hope not. I hope he's a bit smarter. For some reason, I'm not confident.


Friday, October 19, 2012

A question of tipping

I was listening to a big discussion about tipping the other day and it brought to light some interesting questions.

Okay, how much do you tip your hair stylist? There were various answers to this. One teacher said she never tips her stylist because the woman owns her own salon in her home and doesn't have to pay booth or chair rental so all the money she makes on "hair" is hers. Several woman agreed with this. A couple teachers said they tips the girls are Great Clips but he consensus seemed to be if you own the salon then you don't get tipped. Is that right?

And does anyone feel bad about not tipping at a restaurant? Isn't a tip supposed to be for good service? If I have a rude waitress who does not courtesy check and I have to ask for refills or my cheque, I am not a happy person. I'm not an idiot about it though. I've waited tables. I look around and see how busy a waitress is- over worked? A huge section? A huge party? Tables with lots of little kids? Tables with Senior citizens? Also, I don't usually blame the waitress for poorly prepared food. She's not the cook. And most of the time I don't hold her accountable if it's cold. If a waitress has 2 tables and she's more concerned with flirting with the guys at the bar and never offers me a refill or asks how my food is and I have to ask for my bill- twice- does she deserve a tip? I've been in her shoes and I know what being a good waitress is. I know what being a mediocre waitress is. A tip is a gratuity for GOOD SERVICE. It's not an obligation, right? Am I the only person who feels this way?

Also, who much do you guys tip at Starbucks? I usually drop my change in because it's 92cents. Should I leave more? At my usual Starbucks I don't mind tipping because even if my drink sucks, they will fix it. And what about the self serve coffee bars? My hometown has a locally owned coffeehouse. They have 3 types of brewed coffee each day and it's self serve. I don't ever tip if I walk in, pour my own coffee if a cup I take off the shelf and pay with exact change and never had to interact with the barista except to say 'good morning.' Is that bad?

Do you tip if you have nothing but a buffet? The waitress gives you a drink, for me probably water and then that's it. Do I have to tip her? What's a proper tip for the pizza delivery guy? Dry cleaners? Bell hop? I never know.

I don't mind giving a tip. I really don't. And because I've walked in those shoes, I'm usually pretty generous giving anywhere for 20-25% if I had excellent service. But I'll be damned if I'm going to tip someone who gives me crap service. Am I in the wrong? Do we just tip everyone now regardless of service, just because the economy sucks? Because the server MIGHT be having an off/ bad day?

Really, I just want to know... And eat. I really want to eat more than know.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Movin' Out!

Mac moved out-- again. But this time for real. Or "for reals" at the kids say nowadays. Anyway...

Mac moved out last summer in a hissy fit moment and it lasted not even 2 weeks and he came home. He's now working full time and he loves it. He's been there for 3 months (approx) and yesterday he and his buddy decided to get the heck out of the nest and they flew the coup to their own apartment.

It's clean, it's affordable, it's really cool, it's in a pretty okay neighborhood, and it's theirs. All utilities are included except for phone/cable and Internet. The Landlord seems nice and the lease seemed fair. It has awesome hardwood floors and neat woodwork. I'm actually a little jealous.

Mac moved 2 nights ago. Well, if you can call it moving when you own nothing but clothes, movies, books, video games, and a TV. The other kid is in the same situation. But it's their place and they are so happy and pretty proud- as they should be. Someone is giving them a couch. Mac acquired a new bed (can you believe his sperm donor GAVE HIS AWAY????????????????? Oh, Mac was sleeping on a spare ) and they're going to the thrift store on Saturday to see about acquiring a chair and a coffee table. And pots and pans.

I'm hoping this all works out for the best for both of them because if not, they're stuck. With each other and the one year lease. And because I want good things for both boys, of course!

Now I can runaway and join Europe... or the circus!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Need my muse... I lost her AGAIN!

I seem to have lost my energy for stuff. I have no idea what's going on. Depression? Hormones? Tired? Some weird dormant disease? A bad case of the apathy's? Whatever it is, I just don't seem to have the energy to do ANYTHING lately

Last year I sponsored the art club at school and we met weekly and it was fun. Sometimes stressful but really, overall, fun. I'm the sponsor again this year and I could care less. I have three activities planned for this month and I am dreading it all. I wonder what the bare minimum I can do and still get paid. Is that sad, or what? I feel the same way about being prom sponsor.

Usually I do creative bulletin boards and sponsor library activities- again I don't care. I seriously have the same bulletin board up right now as I did on Sept. 1st. I didn't do a Banned Book Week board like last year (and corresponding activities), I didn't go Horror Halloween in the library where I feature candy, games, decorations and horror writers (and a Halloween bulletin board) and I didn't do anything to taut Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I'm thinking I should make a Thanksgiving bulletin board and I don't care....

I don't feel like reading or watching movies. I do laundry because I have to.

On the up side... I have felt motivated to cook and try new recipes. I do like spending time with friends and family- for example, Daddy-O and my SisIL and I had a super, awesome Father/ daughter's date night last Friday. We shopped and ate and laughed and spent time together which was so fun. I like playing on Pinterest and playing online Scrabble. I like watching tv. I like hanging out with any and all of my friends. I like spending time in The Capital with the guy I see.

Hmmmm, it sounds like I just am work related lazy....

Who knows? I need my mojo back! I need to find my Muse!

Monday, October 8, 2012

People who Tweet Me

Lately I've had some super cool Twitter things happen!

I will tweet company names sometimes, if I happen to be talking about them, and I've gotten some tweets back, and some retweets! McAlister's Deli has tweeted back to me lots of times, and retweeted me, too! I only get there a couple times a month, if I'm lucky, and I'm usually very excited about it so I tweet that experience. They even tweeted me on my birthday! I got a retweet from Starbucks, too, one time, which was cool.

I love celebrity twitter interaction. Author Jennifer Weiner, who must be one of the coolest, smart people on the planet, has actually engaged in a Twitter conversation with me. OMG! It was cool. She gave me writing and publishing advise, and another time something I tweeted made her smile, and she told me so. I thought that was cool. Actor Richard Schiff has favorited me a couple times, as has author Christopher Moore, which makes me want to turn cartwheels. Chopped Grill contestant who became an overnight celeb Kent Rollins has also tweeted conversation with me! And these are all famous folks who do their own tweeting, not hire it out, so I think it's pretty neat.

I think everyone who's on Twitter should follow all of the above, as well as Pauley Perrette and Neil Patrick Harris. Great celeb tweeters!

I enjoy the everyday folks from around the world I follow, too, who make me laugh or think or roll my eyes. It's a small thing but it does give me a modicum of pleasure so it's all good, right?


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wonderful day

I had a such a nice birthday! The actual day of I went to dinner with my family at McAlister's Deli which is one of the best food places in the world! I'm so thankful my family all got together to celebrate with me. And i appreciate the lovely gifts!  Curley sent me a stunning bouquet of flowers, too.

I got a special birthday surprise from fell blogger Evil Pixie! Thank you so much, dear! She made me a beautiful necklace, and also gave me a high heel cookie cutter!!! And the cutest notepad with pink shoes!

I had a pedicure with XRay Girl, which was so nice. And I had lovely texts, cards, messages, emails, tweets, etc from family and friends, near and it far.

Also, Photographer took me out for a wonderful supper at a local fancy-pantsy place, and the guy I see also turned a whole weekend into all about me with great food, a shopping spree, and a nice massage!

It was a lovely birthday! I think I'll do this once a year. Maybe twice!